Science: Elon Musk – We Are Living In A Simulation

Nothing really new here. This idea has been around in intellectual circles ever since the age of the Greek philosophers. More recently, Philip K. Dick brought about the idea of the Hologram Universe in the 1970s, and what are CERN and D-Wave computing trying to do but poke holes into other realities so we can, as they say, exploit them. Search this blog for keyword and tag GNOSTIC to learn more on what the early Christians really believed.


From the Youtube description: Elon Musk thinks we are living in a simulated reality. Nick Bostrom think those chances are more around 20 percent. The chances of human kind participating in a simulated reality is broken down into three options: 1) humans go extinct before we are able to run a simulation of this size. 2) Humans are uninterested in running ancestor simulations. 3) We are currently participating in the simulation.

Title: Why Elon Musk says we’re living in a simulation (YT link) Uploaded by Vox.


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