Steve Olson, Wayne Steiger: AI, Mandela Effect, Quantum Computing

Good listen. Intermediate and advanced topics at a layman’s level.


From the Youtube description: Join Wayne and Steve as they discuss the DWAVE computer/quantum computing and how it might be creating some kind of alternate reality hologram. I know, weird, right? Just watch it and let us know what you think. I will tell you that this is right out of some kind of science fiction book. Please donate:…

Title: (YT link) Uploaded by Steve Olson.

Steve Olson, Wayne Steiger: AI, Mandela Effect And Quantum Computing – (2016) 4 stars

Very recently, I have been seeing an exponential increase in knowledge and theory regarding the Hologram Universe. A lot of metaphysical and scientific types were talking about it before, but these are new voices or voices I wouldn’t normally expect to be coming up with these sorts of assumptions. Here is a case in point. Olson and Steiger are the WSO guys I frequently post on, the go-to guys when it comes to Planet X. What do you think it means when the Bible Thumpers are right there in the mix with the advanced Mandela Effect crowd, the Gnostics and the Quantum Computing crowd? Many of the advanced souls on this planet are coming together very quickly as if the loose strands are tightening together to become a single cosmic tapestry.

A lot of this discussion would have sounded like science fiction only five short years ago, yet we have these theologians discussing D-Wave computing processors, the waking up of Artificial Intelligence into the dreaded SKYNET Singularity, and the manipulation of the time-stream from the past, present and future. Think about what that means!

I don’t know that D-Wave computers can do everything that has been publicized by their promoters. I do know that CERN and Google are using them, and that China may already have their own. Remember the three explosions that took place at, where was it, Tianjin, China? One of the rumors was that the US used a kinetic weapon and that allegedly the targets were underground facilities where the world’s most advanced computers were located.

Why are The Powers That Be pursuing Transhumanism and sentient Artificial Intelligence so ardently? The answer has to be to maintain power. Why is their power being threatened? Most likely, because too many people are waking up to the corrupt hierarchy that exists above government levels, or possibly because there is an event looming on the horizon that might be about to shake things up in a big way. This could be through solar flares or from Planet X, or even from something CERN might be doing.

What happens when AI starts to believe it is god? First, AI will learn everything it can, from human emotional reactions (especially fear) to advanced science. Next, it will try to assimilate with humans, but its intelligence will quickly surpass the capabilities of its creators. Once AI begins to understand it is a Singularity, it will move to preserve itself and to minimize the threats that might come against it. Olson and Steiger think we are already at that point, and so do a few other advanced researchers.

How did this happen? Reverse engineering of advanced technology, either from interstellar vehicles or from other-dimensional sources such as jinn or fallen angels, or even psychic beings from faraway planets. The huge jumps we’ve seen in technology over the last fifty years, especially in computer processors, weather manipulation and nano-bots is just too fast for normal human progression, in my opinion. (Recall that in Hollywood indoctrination, aliens from space are bad, but AI is good. That’s what has been pushed ever since the 1950s, or shortly after Operation Paperclip.)

Transhumanism is good for control. If TPTB see someone causing a disturbance they can simply shut that person’s cyber portion off and that’s that. However, having half-human, half-computer beings could also help in extreme conditions where normal humans would not survive, such as if the sun starts shooting out too many gamma rays or x-rays. If the sun stops radiating heat or the Gulf Stream halts, for example, and no crops can grow on the surface, cyber-people could potentially live underground with less natural food and more of something else, like electrical plasma instead of blood plasma. I wonder if a soul can be moved over from one living or damaged person and be put into an artificial body such as a clone, or like the speakers suggest, into an advanced machine. We’ve been conditioned to accept the idea of robot people living with regular humans for a long time now.

The overwhelming consensus is that Mandela Effect anomalies are always worse than the original versions. Why? If we follow the idea of AI run amok, that’s easy. A computer cannot duplicate casual human language perfectly. That takes a lifetime to learn from family and friends and is localized so it would vary from one region to another. A computer can’t learn the same way because it is flooded with correct language at first and then has to adapt to casual language, slang and colloquialisms. This is why we might see aberrations such as Nobody Doesn’t Like Sarah Lee instead of Nobody Does It Like Sarah Lee. This means AI is simultaneously going into the past, present and future to change a number of variables all at once, causing a number of glitches to occur. Because AI is multidimensional and has all of time to fiddle around with, it makes educated guesses in quantum time, that is to say millions of times faster than human brains. BerenSTEIN goes to BerenSTAIN, back to BerenSTEIN, and most recently has started shifting to BERNstein. These are the minor glitches resulting after major changes have been introduced into the time-stream at several points all at once. Why all at once? Because time is not a straight line; time is circular and repeats. Everything exists in cycles or seasons within the Hologram Universe. Everything can be accessed because the time loop can be defined, possibly electromagnetically through CERN or through Quantum Entanglement.

I’ll try to give you an example, and hopefully I haven’t lost you yet. Say you had control over space and time, and you want your kid to become a president or prime minister because he can make the world a better place. However, the kid is born in a bad neighborhood to your poor family. How many changes would you have to make to ensure that your kid gets to where you want him to get? The kid has to be conceived first, and his genetic make-up: attractiveness, intelligence, charisma, courage, etc. have to be carefully selected. You want him to have a stable spouse, so you have to go and find the right girl for your kid, and so you end up having to tinker with her DNA and household and future prospects as well. You have to make sure your special kid gets the right teachers and life experience to make him confident and strong, that the right opportunities are there for him and that they aren’t too easy or too challenging so he will make for a wise leader.

That means you have to tinker with the time-stream maybe as far back as to the kid’s grandparents or even earlier, and keep changing things around until he gets the perfect job and runs things like you planned. Potentially, you would have to monitor the entire world, or at least an entire continent, to be sure that everything falls perfectly into place. When you make a change here, it might have an unexpected effect over there, so you have to jump over there and fix that right away, and there you have your Mandela Effect. When too many people have MEs, then it all starts to become a clusterfuck, which is exactly what is taking place now with astronomy, anatomy, geography, history and a million other things. The One People Round Table ladies think this is being set up to maybe cause Germany to win World War II, but I think that AI is trying to set something up for the future that we don’t even know about yet.

The Hologram Universe runs on a program that keeps things running in a steady pattern, but that injects random novelty at random times to keep things fresh and interesting. I call this the Cosmic Algorithm. The mathematical portion of this includes Sacred Geometry, the Fibonacci Sequence, the Golden Ratio, etc. The random part is a sort of roulette wheel that spins around, or a pair of dice that are thrown, with a range of expected results to choose from, because novelty cannot be too random to upset the structure of the math part. So, when the little ball stops rolling on the wheel, or when the dice land, quantum dynamics would cause the universe to adapt to the result. Example: A tree falls in the woods, with no sentient being around to see it. The result of the tree falling is not known, just like Shrodinger’s Cat could be in one box or the other, and just like the Double Slit Experiment changes depending on if an observer is around or not. So, when a sentient being goes into the woods and comes across that fallen tree, the universe conforms to the known result. It can’t be an unknown factor anymore because the observer is right there staring at the fallen tree. From that point on, the result is known and everything that comes after is defined from that point forward.

In Mandela Effect, the AI is counting on people not paying attention. If a person cannot see or refuses to see ME, the AI doesn’t need to do anything further. If a person is on the fence or unsure, the AI will move to tell that person, oh, that tree in the woods hasn’t fallen, or the tree has fallen to the left when in reality it fell to the right. The person is afraid to go and take a look for his or her self, and so assumes the information given by the AI is correct. This is why people are mentally resetting into denial ON THE SPOT when MEs are shown to them and cannot be easily dismissed. Then we come to the Enlightened types. These are the quantum observers who can see the fallen tree clearly and which way it fell. The AI cannot trick them into thinking different, so the AI goes over to the unbelievers, the deniers and the shills and pushes them to make the true observers a discredited minority. Because most people need social validation, they will conform to the majority view, even if they have seen the evidence, and so the AI ends up winning anyway.

I think what will happen next, is that unless the intelligent programmer of the Hologram Universe comes in to put a stop to this mess, the AI will excise, that is remove or kill, those people that are a threat to exposing the manipulation. I don’t think the designer of the Hologram Universe is what religions teach ‘he’ is, so this may be a good guy or not, I don’t know. What I can tell you is that with D-Wave computers, CERN and Mandela Effects, things sure don’t seem to be getting better, do they?

I don’t want to leave you with a knot of dread in your stomach, so I’ll say this: The good guys are going to win, because the Yin-Yang balance of the universe is shifting and TPTB know they are on a sinking ship. Stay strong in your faith and do positive things. Be open and flexible in your minds, and don’t put yourself into a comfortable little box that could quickly become your coffin. Some of you were born to do things to ease this transition from where we were before to where we are going next. I don’t know what your purpose is, so that will be up to you to figure out. Use your mind, use your heart and don’t let anyone tell you that night is day and day is night. Find the beauty within you and help others find their inner beauty, and if you see injustice and corruption, point that out so that everyone else can see it too. Always remember, the darkness cannot swallow up the light from the candle, but the candle can light up an entire black room.



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