Theosophy: Manly Hall – Definitions For Various Forms Of Magic

From the Youtube description: Magic vs. Miracles – The fact is, although magic is preached against and declared “of the devil”, this is not so. There is no difference between white magic (magic done only for good purposes), and miracles. One can just as easily call an action of white magic a miracle, as they can a miracle white magic. They cannot be distinguished……

Title: Manly P. Hall – Definitions For The Various Forms Of Magic (YT link) Uploaded by Danny Wilten.

Manly Hall: Definitions For Various Forms Of Magic – (2015) 4 stars

Run time: 1 hour, 13 minutes. This lecture is a philosophical overview by acclaimed occultist Manly P. Hall. The condensed version is this: there are two paths available to the magician. The first is Service To Others, or altruism. The second is Service To Self, or selfishness. That is basically this entire lecture. Hall only briefly speaks about the mental aspect of magic and the idea of the transfiguration of metals, specifically in regards to the human stomach. There are no specifics given really for anything, no historicity, no mythology, no magic practices, nothing.

Rather, the focus of this talk revolves nearly exclusively on personal intent, and how larger volumes of people create positive and negative energies through collective intent. A couple of times Western materialism is mentioned, and how the educational process is creating generations of non-spiritual people. Also related is the idea that most people don’t want to put their selves or their well being on the line for the greater good, and how a sort of comfortable gray area is created between the two extremes of good and evil.


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