Auto Tune: George Lindell – Reality Hits You Hard, Bro

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From the Youtube description: After a near-death-experience, Arizona citizen and realist George Lindell sings a rousing ode to the constant, yet oft forgotten, fragility of the human experience.

Title: Songify This – Reality Hits You Hard Bro (YT link) Uploaded by Schmoyoho.


Well, I was just driving down Northern Avenue
And all of a sudden
I was just minding my own business.

It hit me hard from the back!
The fire was everywhere!
Blowin’ up, made a big loud noise like

I was like – OH!
The fire was arcing like a rainbow
A little spark jumped up and I was like
Totally out of the blue.
Reality hits you hard, bro!

(The time and place, you’ll never know –
Reality hits you hard, bro.)

I still feel kinda shaken up
Kinda crazy right now.
Guy’s still stuck in there.
His car is still hot.

They’re gonna shut the power off
Get that guy out of there.
Hopefully get his insurance card,
So I can get my vehicle fixed.


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