Gnostic: Anthony Peake – The Pleroma Or Zero Point Field

From the Youtube description: The ancient Gnostics claimed that there existed an ultimate and idealized reality called the Pleroma, the primordial consciousness that permeated and perhaps sustained all of existence. Beyond that, it also was the roadmap in the sensible world that could grant sentient forms its supernal information, teach one the ways of eternity…also called Gnosis or perhaps Total Recall. New science reveals that the Pleroma is not just the philosophical musings of bygone heretics but an active force that can be tapped into in order to access infinite power and knowledge. In essence, the Pleroma or Zero Point Field has the potential of granting the promise of The Gnostics: to become divine while still in the flesh.

Astral Guests–Anthony Peake, author of The Man Who Remembered the Future: A Life of Philip K. Dick, The Daemon and Is There Life After Death?.

Title: The Pleroma or Zero Point Field: Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio (YT link) Uploaded by Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio.

Anthony Peake: The Pleroma Or Zero Point Field – (2014) 5 stars

Run time: 1 hour, 11 minutes. Peake is the author of The Out-Of-Body Experience, being interviewed here by Miguel Conner of Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio. Where do I start? There are so many synchronicities over what I’ve been studying recently. First off, I have been discussing several of the topics of this interview with blog reader Mystery Woman. These include the idea of Quantum Mechanics in a Hologram Universe. I went into the Aleph, which is the concept that everything that has ever existed in the past, present or future can be contained within a single point, into the idea of the Akashic records where people can relive their same lives multiple times and affect the outcome differently depending on their different choices they make, and the idea of subjective experience where you will always see things differently than I do because we are individual people. I even mentioned the idea that dark matter is the quantum field that fluctuates to possibly create the changes seen in Mandela Effect. Not only does Peake mirror all of this, but he thinks he’s found the temperature at which these changes are happening at near absolute zero.

Peake mentions a Tibetan monastery practicing a certain type of meditation or Chi. I just posted a video on Shaolin Kung Fu students who train in an advanced form of fighting called Shiniba, where they can do some astounding things with Chi energy. Here is a big one for me, in that Peake mentions an Out Of Body Experience where the subject goes into another world that is similar but slightly different to ours and ends up entering the body of his alternate self. I just happen to have a lucid dream experience where I pretty much experienced this very same thing. Finally, I have to mention Felipe Alexander’s video on Mandela Effect, Quantum Physics and DMT, ideas that fit in very well with what Peake discusses here. As I mentioned to Mystery Woman, I think we are very close to reaching the 100th Monkey Effect here, where so many people are going to wake up all at once that it will cause a massive and positive change in the planet’s human character.


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