Gnostic: Stephan Hoeller – Nature, Function Of Creative Imagination

From the Youtube description: Doctor Stephan A. Hoeller, gnostic thinker, bishop of the Ecclesia Gnostica, and researcher gives a lecture entitled ‘Creative Imagination – It’s Nature and Function’

Books by Stephen Hoeller –
– Gnosticism: New Light on the Ancient Tradition of Inner Knowing:
– The Gnostic Jung and the Seven Sermons to the Dead:
– The Fool’s Pilgrimage: Kabbalistic Meditations on the Tarot:

Title: Stephan A. Hoeller – Creative Imagination: It’s Nature and Function [Lecture] (YT link) Uploaded by The Modern Hermeticist.

Stephan Hoeller: Creative Imagination, It’s Nature And Function – (2015) 4 stars

Run time: 1 hour, 12 minutes. Good Gnostic lecture here. The premise is that humanity in general, and Western society in specific, have forgotten how to use their imaginations. This is causing the breakdown in civilization that is taking place today, where people are becoming more animalistic and barbaric, and less in tune with their reasoning and creative elements.

Here is one of the things I’ve been saying for years. Advanced souls incarnate / come to Earth to better the world in miniscule increments. They do this by introducing advances in medicine, technology and science. On a larger scale, a good example of this is Tesla, who was very advanced for his time, and on a smaller scale we have natural healing methods being used by shaman all over the world.

The important part to consider is the use of the human mind in the process of human creation. The next time you go to the store, think about this. Look at the products on the shelves, the box / packaging as well as the merchandise. Look at the ceiling and lights, at the shelving, at the cash registers, at the flooring, etc. Human beings created everything you’re looking at. Everything first began with a thought within the human mind, before it manifested into reality.

The same thing goes with medicine, science and technology. When a doctor finds a cure, does he create it or does he find it? Does the cure exist somewhere out in the ether waiting to be found? In a random universe, the answer is no. It is all up to random chance whether or not there is a cure for cancer, the common cold, whatever. In a Hologram Universe, however, the parameters are set. Every possible angle / permutation / mutation has its allowance within the matrix. This means that yes, the cure will be there if some doctor or several generations of doctors take the time and effort to seek it out. This is how shaman are able to pick out very specific herbs, roots, etc. from the potentially thousands and thousands of plant species out there.

I’ll give you two examples. Ayahuasca is a powerful hallucinogenic that is repulsive to the human stomach. However, if you cook this plant a certain way, and you add certain ingredients to the mix, the stomach won’t outright reject it. The person might still feel like they’re dying after ingesting it, but they will experience what is probably the greatest psychedelic / spiritual mind trip humanly possible. Next you have the basking shark. The flesh of this shark is poisonous to humans. But wait a minute. Ancient Vikings figured out a way to get around that. They skinned the basking shark and buried its flesh under large rocks. The weight of the rocks squeezes the poison out of the meat, and after about a week, they dig up the meat, start cooking it up and eating it. How was all of this figured out? With the use of the human imagination. That’s where all inventions come from.

Throughout the years, I have come across a large number of semi-Enlightened or Enlightened people. You can call them Indigos if you’re familiar with that term. One thing I have noticed is that, hmm, I want to say that all of them were artistically gifted in one way or another. I’ve met actors, artists, dancers, movie makers, graphic designers, singers, a ton of musicians and even a few writers like me. Some of these people took part in more than one of these fields and were good at it, while many of the musicians were gifted in playing several diverse instruments.

Look at what has happened to the US movie, music and publishing industries in the last twenty years. They don’t give too many opportunities to up and coming artists. If they do, the promoters might squeeze out one single from a music group before tossing them aside. These media industries have created a dearth of new talent while hungering after big profits from sequels, reboots and copycat products. The same thing goes for the educational system in the US, which teaches kids the basics of nothing really. There is no support to create large numbers of creative people, just a liberal bias to teach students how to fill out job applications and repeat memorized answers.

The adage is that you have to try really, really hard to make it, and this is true, but why is it true? If you are an exceptional artist in elementary school, why would you have to try really, really hard for many years after that? Don’t you already have a natural talent that simply needs refining and coaching in order for you to become a success? The same thing goes for garage bands. They practice for years and years in a garage, of all places, hoping they’ll eventually be good enough to get noticed by a vulture from the music industry. Why aren’t there public places for young musicians to hang out and have jam sessions with each other, where the public can bring in their guitars or trumpets or whatever and get the chance to show what they can do? If they’re good, awesome! If they’re not so good, then they have their peers right there for support.

Look at ancient cultures. They had frequent festivals where they could dress up and party hardy. They could pretend to be the gods doing something epic, like creating the world or battling each other to create lightning, thunder and rain. They had fertility dances to promote families and the growth of new crops. They had rituals where the stars in the skies became heroes and monsters. That’s using their imaginations! Compare that to the Western ideal of a hero, who is simply an actor, singer or athlete with a lot of money, a pretty face, and / or plastic lips, tits and ass.

The materialists have taken the human imagination out of the picture. We no longer look at the world with wonder, but with dreariness at the thought of work and bills. When we have days off, we spent them drinking booze and growing roots on the couch before the new god named TV. All the twits punching buttons on their ‘smart’ phones go into conniptions whenever Facebook or Twitter go down. There is nothing to look forward to. No fascination with the sky, the earth, the air we breathe and the water we drink. We’ve become so jaded nowadays that life means nothing. Western governments and their controlled media have made this all possible. Western religions are the worst spiritual dogmas in the history of theology, because they promote controlled change from without instead of natural change from within.

If you want to save the world, speaker Hoeller says to start with imagination. I say pretty much the same thing, except I’ve always been calling it art. All humans might be created equal, but all souls are not. Some of us incarnate with specific ideas and advances to teach to the world. It is Western ideology that suppresses these spiritual talents by grouping us like rats and keeping us angry enough that we’re always nipping at each other and missing the bigger picture. The bigger picture always starts and ends with the mind. As long as we allow our minds to be controlled and sedated, there will be no true positive change and we will forever be caught in the trap that has been crafted for us.

I liken using the imagination to touching the mind of god. When the Book of Rome says we were created in the image of god, that’s what I believe the verse stands for: using the intellect, reasoning and the creative process. Some of us weren’t born to become slaves and toil, but to become figurative gods and create. The problem is that too many of the advanced souls have been deceived into thinking they belong to the former group. The first step is to realize and comprehend that there are 2D, 3D and 4D souls in the hologram matrix, and we are all wearing similar human bodysuits. The second step is to step away from that matrix and give our imagination and our dreams the range they need to spread out their wings and take flight. So maybe the wax wings of Icarus did melt thanks to the heat of the sun, and he plummeted down to Earth. But guess what? We’ve got these other guys that came later, you might have heard of them, the Wright Brothers, who took those wings and tried again until they made that idea finally work.

There are some of you out there now who are like Icarus, who will push the advances and who will falter and come against a lot of opposition. But if you guys don’t do the part you came here to do, there will be no shoulders of support for those that come after you to stand upon. Maybe we’ll need one thousand like Icarus before the next pair of Wright Brothers comes along, but they will come. Just look at the great masters in any given field. None of them became great in a vacuum. They all saw the foundation of knowledge that came before them and added the last few building blocks to create a better and more complete model. These puzzles have a thousand pieces to them. If you don’t put your one or two, or ten, pieces into it, then the next advanced soul will have to progress for you. This is how Enlightenment works, one step, one lesson, one puzzle piece at a time. We’ve got a lot of incomplete puzzle pieces in the world today, and the biggest challenge will be to place them in the face of the blatant corruption and opposition standing against us.

You didn’t incarnate into this time period because it would be easy. You came for the challenge. So grab those puzzle pieces and get to work!


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