United States: Seen At Clinton Rally – Bill Clinton Is A Rapist!

Where is that rally in, somebody’s garage? Fuck Slick Willie. He’s been raping women since 1968.


YT comment: He IS a rapist (13 plus SEXUAL ASSAULTS). This is NOT about infidelity, or consensual sex on the side. He has settle 3 TIMES, and he wasn’t accused of “infidelity”…he settled SEXUAL ASSAULT cases. No one cares about Monika and the cigar (consent was given), we are talking about WILLY, JONES, BROADERICK, ETC. So, to make it perfectly clear… IT’s NOT ABOUT AN AFFAIR, CHEATING, BEING UNFAITHFUL, it’s about RAPE, SEXUAL ASSAULT GOING ALL THE WAY BACK TO 1968! – Ged The Deplorable

Title: Protester Intertupts Bill Clinton With A ‘Bill Is A Rapist’ Sign (YT link) Uploaded by NTK Network.


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