Auto Tune: Clifton Brown – Nobody Canna Cross It (DJ Powa Mix)

Di bus can swim!


Priceless Youtube comments:

Only him can cross it, because he understand it. – Logan Firstman

Bro I remember when I was in Jamaica and this dropped. My older brother came in my room crying of laughter and was bumping to the beat. Damn time flys. – In6

Legend says that no one can cross it to this date. – Witch King Of Angmar

“We lockaway in tha wildarnass” – Orqn

From the Youtube description: ITUNES!!!:


“Tek serious mek laugh”, a term used by Jamaicans to lighten the spirits of a serious matter. This is what this video is about.

Done by: Dj Powa

Title: “Nobody Canna Cross It” Twanging (Refix Video) – DJ Powa (YT link) Uploaded by Kevy2c.


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