David Wood Vs Sami Zaatari – Was Mohammed A Good Role Model?

From the Youtube description: http://www.answeringmuslims.com/
The Qur’an presents Muhammad as the ideal role model (33:21). Yet critics are quick to point out many aspects of Muhammad’s life that virtually no one believes should be imitated in modern society. Who’s right? Sami Zaatari and David Wood debate the evidence at Henry Ford Community College in Dearborn, Michigan.

Title: Sami Zaatari vs. David Wood: Is Muhammad a Good Role Model for Society? (YT link) Uploaded by Acts 17 Apologetics.

David Wood Vs Sami Zaatari: Was Mohammed A Good Role Model? – (2015) 4 stars

Run time: 1 hour, 47 minutes. Don’t say I don’t give the other side a chance. Here is a debate between an intelligent Christian and an intelligent Muslim over the character of Mohammed as it is shown by historical Muslim sources including the Koran. I encourage you to give this entire discussion a listen as Wood gives a lot of detailed examples that I’ve been harping on here on previous posts, because the proof is in the religious texts as well as in the actions of the followers.

In short, here is how it went: Zaatari painted a pretty picture of Mohammed as a Jesus figure. Wood dismantled it fairly quickly. Zataari came back with a whitewash were he split away from the topic and brought up the entire early history of Islam. Again, Wood kept to the point of the discussion and refuted the various later interpretations. We are talking about Mohammed being a good role model, and not about what his successors said after his death or centuries later. Many of Zaatari’s arguments in this debate are based on later apologist views, and many of them are short excerpts taken out of context. When Zaatari does expand, he expands with later interpretations. He dodges the issue of Mohammed’s pedophilia for a time, as an example, basically claiming that any nine year-old girl is ready to marry and start a family by pointing out how mature Aisha was at age eighteen. Zaatari makes a few good statements, to his credit, but Wood expounds and expounds in his rebuttals to drive the point home so that Zaatari has to stick to his original and already debunked arguments.

Let me give you a quick way to get to the bottom of this discussion. Do you remember that massacre where a hundred Buddhists went into a city and murdered men, women and children? When the Buddhists burned people at the stake, crucified them, hung them from the neck in the streets and chopped their heads off? You don’t remember that? That’s because it never happened. Buddhists never did that. Now take a good look at what has been historically happening in the Middle East, and there go your three Abrahamic religions of peace down the toilet.


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