Hollow Earth: Hollow Earth – The Biggest Cover-Up

From the Youtube description: Hollow Earth, The Biggest Cover Up – The Full Documentary. This is done at the request by some of my Subscribers / viewers, also posted as 4 seperate parts on my channel. In this series i will try to unravel all the mysteries concerning this amazing topic. I will cover several rumors that are linked to the Hollow Earth theory, like the Nazi and Reptillian connection. So, sit back and enjoy the full Documentary and remember, keep an open mind!!. Music and video is the legal property of TheMusismemorylane, music created with Magix Music Maker 13, created from Copyright Free Files© Selected 3D artwork used with permission by David Winship http://www.turbosquid.com/Search/Inde…

Title: Hollow Earth, The Biggest Cover Up – Full Documentary (YT link) Uploaded by The Music Memory Lane.

Hollow Earth: The Biggest Cover-Up – (2014) 3 stars

Run time: 1 hour, 7 minutes. This is a decent production. The first half is scientific conjecture through a lecture given by Jan Lamprecht. The second portion states it is mostly speculation, but I’d say that about 70% of the information given is accurate from my own research. The video is average because there are stretches with only a static image where we hear spoken words mixed in with blocks of text and images. It would have been smoother, I think, if the producer had balanced this out a little bit better. As to the content, there is no doubt that something is going on at the poles. We can’t even see for ourselves what’s out there, because the pictures are hidden and no satellites have a practical path over those regions. We get juicy, tantalizing clues every so often, such as pyramids on the patches we see from some of the nations who have outposts there, or official documents with more details redacted than actually shown. Unless there is a great breakthrough here, all we are left with is a fantastic mystery to ponder over.

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