United States: Hildabeast Web Of Horror And Economic Collapse

I guess the shills are getting to this former Huff Post guy. Welcome to the Truther club, buddy. The video cuts off at the end, for whatever reason.


From the Youtube description: Hillary Clinton is a far worse candidate than a loud reality TV star and real estate developer could EVER be, because Hillary Clinton is not loud or abrasive – instead she is mentally UNSOUND; Hillary had a serious concussion in 2012 she never recovered from, and has a long laundry list of political & financial ties that do begin to feel like outright corruption, when you piece the whole thing together, as Wikileaks and others have done thanks to her own emails.

As a member of the media, it’s my duty to point out what I’m seeing: outright BIAS, propaganda, and censorship to favor one candidate alone – Hillary Clinton. That is wrong. That is not emblematic of a free press. And that is not American behavior. In today’s video, I also address Bill Gross’ recent bullish comments on gold, and fears about the economic picture in general — is a true financial collapse right around the corner?

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Title: HILLARY CLINTON’S WEB OF HORROR + Collapse Possible, Titan Warns (YT link) Uploaded by David Seaman.


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