World War III: World On Brink Of Catastrophe In Aleppo, Syria

Thanks, Obama!


From the Youtube description: The attack on Syria by the United States and its proxies should come as no surprise. Just 2 months after the September 11th attacks in 2001, the Supreme Allied Commander of NATO forces, General  Wesley Clark, revealed that a high ranking source in the Pentagon told him that the US government was going to use the 911 attacks as pretext to start wars in 7 middle eastern countries, including Iraq, Libya and Syria. We know that George W. Bush attacked Iraq and that during the Obama administration, Hillary Clinton helped the CIA to overthrow the government in Libya using jihadi mercenaries. And now, the war machine has turned its attention to Syria. As with the overthrow of Libya, the CIA has been coordinating the attack using al Qaeda mercenaries, many of whom served the CIA in Libya and Iraq. Some of these various al Qaeda linked groups merged with with other regional factions to form the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, also known as ISIS.

Title: World Powers Stand on Brink of Global Catastrophe in Aleppo (YT link) Uploaded by End Times News Report.

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