Gnostic: Tim Roux – A Gnostic View Of Suffering

From the Youtube description: All faiths possess their reasoning for the reality of suffering. The Gnostics claim their own unique slant, oddly paralleling other religions yet at the same time just as oddly original. Through the eyes of a brand new Gnostic Gospel, in the form of a powerful fiction novel, we explore how the Gnostics saw the origins of iniquity and other theological conundrums that to this day bring great confusion and debate among all the world’s ideologies. There must be some way out of here, said the Joker to the Thief…

Astral Guest– Tim Roux, author of Fishing for Christians.

Title: A Gnostic View of Suffering: Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio (YT link) Uploaded by Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio.

Tim Roux: A Gnostic View Of Suffering – (2014) 4 stars

Run time: 1 hour, 4 minutes. Great introduction, from Roux’s book Fishing For Christians. Some two decades ago, I had this idea to write about a convention for the gods, where the gods, mostly Christian deities, deliberated how to go about in dealing with humans for the future. I didn’t get very far past the idea except for the short blurb I first wrote, but I see that Roux took the concept much further. I would have come up with a similar scenario in that I also would have used the idea of the meddling Greek gods to come up with new sub-plots. You can clearly see this in the Bible book of Job, where Satan is walking back and forth around the Earth, before he makes a backroom plot with Yahweh (Conspiracy!) to torment Job, basically for the hell of it. And before the apologists will point out that Job’s faith was being tested in this fable, I would say no, it was because two jealous gods wanted to puff their necks up to each other.

Roux goes against this in the interview, but I do believe there is something out there that is feeding on negative energies and gaining power from doing so. Roux’s idea is that pain and suffering are built into, or programmed into the Cosmic Algorithm. I’ll go a bit further. Yes, I agree that a Chaos Effect causes good or bad things to happen, depending on subjective perspective. In the Cosmic Algorithm, this is novelty. However, the degree of negative energy present in today’s modern world is well beyond the usual, historical parameters. Something is causing more pain and suffering than normal, as if a finish line is approaching and evil entities want to get as much torment into their portfolios as possible before that finish line gets here.

Roux mentions that bright college students are routinely asked to describe Paradise. The typical answer is Earth without all of the problems that plague it. Come on, now! Is that it? If you ask me to describe Paradise, I would say it is a single, perfect musical tone of vibration. It is constant from beginning to end, unwavering, and actually not having a beginning or end at all. It just IS, existing from dawn to sunset on a galactic scale. I can guess what it sounds like by telling you about the word OM, which Hindus call our Sol and which is described as the perfect sound. If you want me to describe this visually, I will say it is the color yellow leaning slightly toward white. This is unity, all encompassing and eternal, or god before god became the atom.

Here is some advanced speculation, which New Agers and people that believe in spiritual Atlantis think may be the case. Roux starts this off to a degree in the interview. Okay, so at first people were androgynous and balanced. There was no passage of time, which can be speculatively corroborated by Electric Universe / Purple Dawn Theories, where Earth was inside of Saturn’s gas clouds and the skies were always purple. No stars were seen so there was no way to mark time. People were proto-human and most likely very primitive. In fact, you could probably compare proto-humans to smart bears or dogs.

Shortly after Earth escaped Saturn’s sheath, some bastard race of Annunaki or Fallen Angels came by to exploit Earth’s resources. They took the proto-men and created homo sapiens through genetic modification. Now that the proto-men were domesticated and made intelligent, they could comprehend a little of the science and technology of the alien race that came to enslave them. Going by that scenario, let me use my sci-fi writer’s brain to expound on what may be happening now during this post-2012 shift in planetary consciousness.

Okay, so proto-humans were not self-aware like sentient beings are. They were self-aware like animals are, living by natural instincts such as self-preservation and reproduction of their species. Once the proto-humans were modified into humans, a new code or program was introduced. This is the cosmic code that theoretical physicists are now pointing at. It is the I / O or Input / Output. It is binary computer code. This may very well represent the duality of day / night, good / evil, sun / moon that is seen nearly everywhere and in every aspect of human culture. As above so below.

What is the next step for human advancement? We are seeing it already in these new D-Wave computer systems. If the entire universe is I / O today, there are only two possible combinations, I and O. However, factor in what D-Wave computers are said to do. Now we have I, O, II, OO and IO. That is an exponential burst from two possible combinations into five. Who is to say that this advance in computing will not happen to human beings as well? We are seeing a great awakening in the world right now. I hear rumors about people having their DNA strands changing, and about babies being born with three DNA strands instead of two. Of course, these stories are highly suppressed in the media. My idea is that perhaps D-Wave computers are meant to expound in a greater way than the human mind, so that the corrupt controllers can still control us humans. However, I still think that human consciousness will expand and expound, because this looks to be the new novelty the Cosmic Algorithm is introducing into the world. Will we be able to see and / or interact with other-dimensional beings when this expansion takes place? I don’t know; it’s all speculation. What I can leave you with is this: Did you really think humans were going to stay humans forever?


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