Mandela Effect: My Mandela Effect Experience by Aussie Barney

Send me a list of your Mandela Effect anomalies and I will post them! Just leave them in the comments section of one of my ME posts.


Some I have never heard of because i’m aussie or have heard of but was not interested in so not sure. But some I’m 100 % sure they have changed. Field of dreams build it and they will come I have used this line many times at work and as a joke. Star wars I had the read along book with a tape player I must of read and listened 100s of times. It was the biggest news of the time darth vader was his father it blew everyone’s mind. Luke I am your father.

Interview with a vampire is correct.

At school we learnt a lot about Hitler and the master race and me being blonde with blue eyes made jokes about it. But how ironic I thought it was that Hitler had black hair and no way did he have blue eyes. other wise we would of said he was half way there just needs to peroxide his hair.

My dad had a F100 Ford ute I loved that Ute I loved the badge I only remember the F with a straight line no squiggle.

Fruit loops I thought was spelt this way not froot.

I am a atheist so I have studied religions and was Christian born I only remember the lion with the sheep. It makes no sense that it is the wolf now. Not that religion makes any sense lol. And I always thought how ironic it was that Christians where thrown to the lions.

I’m not sure it’s time travel or some of us have changed worlds in the multi verse.

It’s starting to become clear to me that we are a simulation.

Atoms can be waves and can take all routes to a target and change how they get there depending on future observations. Spooky action where atoms can be huge distances from each other yet communicate instantly. But nothing is faster then light well nothing we know of yet. But if we where a simulation all distances are the same problem solved.

Saying that I have read how they think they could build a space ship that could go any multiples of the speed of light but not instantly like spooky action.

Doe’s anyone know any more Australian Mandela effects.

I also thought Mandela died in jail but later I thought I must of miss heard it and maybe he almost died.


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