Mandela Effect: My Mandela Effect Experience by Gio 52

Send me a list of your Mandela Effect anomalies and I will post them! Just leave them in the comments section of one of my ME posts.


i don’t know what or how this is happening.

Berenstain? Even my iPad auto corrects it to Berenstein. 100% it was stein, I went to a school with 80+% Jewish kids. I remember saying why did the Bears name have to be stein?!!! Sure enough a kid in my class called it out how they had similar last name to the book, his last name was stein, there was a steinman in the class too. I was jealous because I didnt ever see Italian names like mine , ever. He made fun of me that Italians can’t write English. It was my first time facing some sort of discrimination in my life. It has been a talking point to why I never liked any form of bully’s growing up.

I attended an Ivy League school and I always wanted to be a history teacher. Once you go to an Ivy League you see other careers. I’m decent at history, but never became a teacher.

I’m 30 maybe this helps but the Man was not killed by the tank. I’m Chinese and my mom, teacher and video I saw did not show that. We don’t know his name cause the guy went home and made eggs or something. But he was not ran over. We all asked if he was ran over the teacher said thank goodness no, and history will never know who this person is. My timeline is different .

I visited where Kennedy was shot in Dallas, he was in a 4 person car. I was at the museum. The people with me remember too. I even remember maybe Kevin Costner doing a movie and proving how the bullet must’ve hit Kennedy and than the bullet curved while traveling to hit the front passenger. I remember a 4 seater.

I had this talking point , evidence on how messed up desperation, group think, a finically depressive country,, lack of food ; can make a country more suseptable to following or believing in anything or anyone who claims a way out to increase likelihood of unification and common goals. I use to say ” look what happened to the Germans because of desperation and anger. After WW1 they had no food in their country, money was inflating, no jobs , no future, no economy. The German people had no choice , they followed hitler who only wanted blond hair blue eyed Germans. But he had brown hair and brown eyes and still unified the country.” I remember saying multiple times how could a country follow a man when his eyes are brown and he wants only blue, is hitler going to be killed after the war? Now they are blue. Even in college I made this point.

As for prayers being changed. If it’s really in every bible I have no idea why I was taught the Our father prayer wrong, neither does my aunt who is a nun , neither does her nun cousins in Italy know why and they are not sure why they know the incorrect version too.

I understand false memories. I have a solid memory, i have had events or conversations I can recall about some of these issues. It’s strange. 100,000,000 things are posted on Internet daily. No one before 2-3 years ago ever asked the question why do we call the Berenstain Bears, Berenstein. I cannot recall one person being corrected on its proper punctuation. And out of the millions and billions of posts a day that question we missed as a global society prior to 2014.

Just to be mean, if the book said Berenstain 25 years ago I would have jumped on that Ahole so fast due to the book saying stain not stein. It was the perfect ammo. It said stein. I hated, hated that my first or last name is never in movies or books, even those license plates they sell in gift shops. I hated that it said stein. I love it that now it says stain….. but so sad at the same time.


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