Weird: Oct 1, 2016 – Strange Halo In Sky Seen In Jerusalem

Apparently a shorter video came out a few days ago. It was 20 seconds long and a lot of people thought it might be CGI. Well, here is a second video to add to the mystery. So, in the YT comments, I see a lot of people invoking the Bible god as being responsible.

Well, okay, if the Bible god happens to be the same as the Annunaki gods. If you see my Planet X WSO posts, those guys have now clearly spotted at least four planets from the Nibiru star system: a red Kachina planet, a striped blue Kachina planet, another bluish planet that has a surface like a golf ball and most recently, a weird brown orb with a giant hole on its surface that likes to dance around our sun. All of these weather anomalies and magnetic changes on Earth may be happening because of this incoming star system. I’m not kidding. Check my WSO posts.


Title: REMEMBER THAT STRANGE SKY OVER JERUSALEM ON 10/1/16? NOT FAKE!! (YT link) Uploaded by Jeannie Hardesty.


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