Gnostic: Robert Sullivan – Occult Messages In Movies

From the Youtube description: The medium of film has been a powerful conduit for contraband Esoterica, from the Theosopy of The Wizard of Oz to the Gnostic Gospel of The Matrix, from the Gnosis of Ed Wood to the dark magick of James Bond. We explore occult themes in movies, as well as their forbidden gifts message and arcane symbolism, revealing incredible mythological vistas to spiritual freedom.

Astral Guest– Robert Sullivan, author of Cinema Symbolism and The Royal Arch of Enoch.

Title: Occult Messages In Movies (YT link) Uploaded by Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio.

Robert Sullivan: Occult Messages In Movies – (2014) 4 stars

Run time: 1 hour, 15 minutes. I’m writing notes as I go along here, for older esoteric movies I might try and watch later.

Bela Lugosi – Dracula and others, movies directed by Ed Wood, in Glen Or Glenda, Lugosi represents the Demiurge

Boris Karloff – The Black Cat

Disney – Escape To Witch Mountain, Return To Witch Mountain

The Day The Earth Stood Still

This Island Earth

Planet 9 From Outer Space

Star Trek (Original Series)

Vincent Price – House Of Usher, Mask Of The Red Death, Pen And The Pendulum

The Matrix Trilogy

The Wizard Of Oz

Black Swan

9 And ½ Weeks

Mommie Dearest


The 9th Gate

The Lord Of The Rings movies

Star Wars (Original Trilogy)

Willie Wonka

Big Trouble In Little China

Conan The Barbarian

James Bond / Ian Fleming movies

Rosemary’s Baby

V For Vendetta

Now, if I watch these movies, I’m not planning on picking them apart like Sullivan does. I will be watching for overall themes, and possibly incorporate them into a future occult Gnostic work of my own. Sullivan does a great job of revealing the detail in The Wizard Of Oz, which I found more enlightening than his descriptions from the Matrix and James Bond. The Matrix, for example, has been taken apart by dozens of people already, so it is refreshing for Sullivan to expound on some of these other lesser known movies.

All of these ideas can be updated and modernized, and dressed up with the current political atmosphere. Hollywood used to do this occasionally, as seen by the range of periods when these many esoteric movies were released. From what I hear, most Hollywood movies nowadays are rehashes of previous moneymakers with little or no novelty or ingenuity put into them. Take the recent feminized Ghostbusters movie, or the anti-white Star Wars reboot, for instance, where the original stories are watered down and the novelty is to put a new face into an old costume, which is really no novelty at all unless you’re into celebrity worship. Hollywood is the worldwide standard for movies, so unless some other studio takes the plunge to create a new stir into this stagnant well, I doubt we will see too many more of these gems with hidden esoteric themes.


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