Mandela Effect: Florida, Bahamas And More Geography Changes

Here’s something I remember from my research into the Bermuda Triangle. In 1945, Flight 19 vanished without a trace. This included 5 propeller fighter jets that flew out of Ft. Lauderdale and got lost in the Atlantic Ocean. These 5 planes were trying to return to Florida and were in sporadic radio contact. In my reality, the Bahamas were NOT east of Florida. There was only open ocean out there. The captain on one of those planes said he saw a land mass out there that was not on any of the maps. He thought they were flying over the Florida Keys. That was right before he turned northeast and the 5 lost planes vanished for good. In this new reality, we have the Bahamas islands out there. Could Flight 19 have slipped through realities to see the Bahamas islands that exist there now, but did not exist on my old reality? Below is a (present reality) Wiki excerpt from the Flight 19 incident.

Flight leader Lt. Charles C. Taylor had mistakenly believed that the small islands he passed over were the Florida Keys, so his flight was over the Gulf of Mexico and heading northeast would take them to Florida. It was determined that Taylor had passed over the Bahamas as scheduled, and he did in fact lead his flight to the northeast over the Atlantic. The report noted that some subordinate officers did likely know their approximate position as indicated by radio transmissions stating that flying west would result in reaching the mainland.Wiki article


Title: World Geography Matrix Shift. Quantum Immortality? Mandela Effect ‘d (YT link) Uploaded by Life Matrix.




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