United States: Pentagon Paid Half Billion For Fake Terrorist Videos

Thanks, Bush! Gee, you wonder if Jihadi Johnny has anything to do with this?


From the Youtube description: Please visit my FREE honr.info website that counter-punches Lenny Pozner’s terrorist truth-attacking website for links to all the best documentaries, interviews & articles that exposes Sandy Hook for the fraud that it is: honr.info

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Activist Post, Pentagon Caught Paying PR Firm $540 M to Make Fake Terrorist Videos: http://bit.ly/2dsF02c

Zero Hedge, Pentagon Paid British PR Firm To make Fake Al Qaeda Propagands Videos: http://bit.ly/2dMu4iH

What Really Happened, Project Mockingbird: http://bit.ly/2cAl5MW

Title: Pentagon Pays $540 Million To Make Fake Al Qaeda Terrorist Videos During Iraq War (YT link) Uploaded by How I See The World.

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