Wood And Spencer Vs Bakri And Choudary: Did Mohammed Exist?

From the Youtube description: http://www.jihadwatch.org/
Did Muhammad exist? Robert Spencer’s new book claims that he didn’t. Can Muslims defend the existence of their prophet? In this debate, Spencer teams up with David Wood against Anjem Choudary and Sheikh Omar Bakri to see whether Muslims can offer historical evidence for one of their most fundamental beliefs.

Title: Did Muhammad Exist? Robert Spencer & David Wood vs. Anjem Choudary & Omar Bakri (YT link) Uploaded by Acts 17 Apologetics.

David Wood, Robert Spencer Vs Anjem Choudary, Omar Bakri: Did Mohammed Exist? – (2015) 5 stars

Run time: 1 hour, 58 minutes. My comments: The opening volley by the Muslim apologists was atrocious. Bakri basically said that common sense shows Mohammed existed because his name is in the Koran. His partner Choudary did even worse, saying the question was Christian criticism aimed at shaking the faith of Muslims. Neither man offered any real evidence to counter the question being asked. The Christian apologists responded with historical facts.

In the second volley, Choudary’s main argument is that Spencer and Wood are jealous of Muslims. Yeah. We see where this is going.

The bullshit continues in the third volley. Bakri makes the statement that Westerners are not qualified to question the Koran. If this is true, why did this idiot agree to be part of the debate in the first place?

58 minutes in – Wood kills his opponents with common sense.

1:22 – A sheep came into a house and ate an original chapter of the Koran! Nice one, Muslims. The dog ate my homework!

1:25 – The debate finishes up. Q and A call-ins begin.

Conclusion: If you are any sort of unbiased intellectual, you must see that this debate is a HUGE fail for Muslims. At no point did these two supposedly learned men have the upper hand in this debate, and at no time did they even present good arguments. They stuck to their original, emotionally based idea that the Koran is infallible and therefore the premise of whether or not Mohammed existed is proven. Once their house of cards was brought down, they had no way to counter or refute the accusations and evidence based on their own revered sources! The bottom line is that no, Mohammed did not exist.

Let’s take this a step further. Here are the three major religions of violence:

  1. The polytheistic religion of the original Negro Canaanite Hebrews, that was later usurped by Kazarian impostors from the Caucus Mountains under King Bulan, which resulted in modern day Zionist Israel.
  2. The multi-sourced religion commissioned by Constantine that became the Book of Rome under the Catholic / Universal Church.
  3. The later cherry-picked and highly political religion of the Near East Arabs created by a white man with Hindu roots and black slaves.

Here is how you debunk all three of these false and materialistic religions. You can do this in several different manners, with the simplest being the hoax of Abraham upon which all three dogmas rest. If you take down Abraham, all three houses of cards go down at the same time. Let me give you the quick version of what I’ve uncovered through my own research.

  1. Early Bible stories such as Creation, the first man Adam, the Garden of Eden, the Tree of Life and the Great Flood come from earlier myths passed down from early pre-Hebrew Babylon and Sumeria.
  2. Abraham and Sarah most likely are derived from the Hindu Brahma and Saraitva.
  3. Moses is an amalgamation of King Sargon of Akkad, who was placed into a basket and sent floating down a river, and Pharaoh Akhenaten of Egypt, who tried to change the beliefs of his people from polytheistic to monotheistic, and later failed.
  4. The god of Abraham, El, had a wife named Asherah until the 9th century BCE, when male-dominated Hebrew / Jewish clergy erased her name from historical sources and have since pretended she never existed. Oh, and El had a son named Baal. A big rivalry started between both pagan cults and is seen throughout the Old Testament. Part of this rivalry included how Asherah went from being El’s consort to being the consort of Baal. This is why Asherah’s totem poles, or Asherim, are seen in both El / Yahweh’s temples and in the temples of Baal.
  5. Jesus is the amalgamation of several prominent sun gods including Horus, Krishna, Hercules, Mithras, Apollo, etc. and was not a Christian Messianic / savior figure until the Church of Rome voted for him to become one in the 3rd century CE. The Last Supper, the Transfiguration, the Crucifixion and the Resurrection are NOT found on 1st century CE tomb carvings. They were added later by Rome.

If the original Jesus existed, he was probably a member of the cult of the Gnostic Nazarenes, which has nothing to do with Nazareth because that town did not exist at the time. This is the same as the cult of Essenes, who did not come from a place called Essenia. It was a name for the group and not a population center.

The other theory is that Sol (god, the Father) rained down on the land (the Mother, later the Holy Spirit), to impregnate the earth and bring forth the Son. In this case, the Son of god was the highly hallucinogenic Amanita mushroom which put spiritual users into altered states and may be the cause for the visions seen by Old Testament prophets. The info is all there if you care to look for it with an unbiased perspective.

We have the same problem with proving that Jesus existed as the Muslim clerics did in proving that Mohammed existed. That is, there are a lot of later forgeries pretending to be contemporary, original sources, such as the accounts of Josephus Flavius and the Four Gospels. Also, we have no actual historical proof of a Messianic Jesus from respected Roman historians living at the time of Jesus. Because Mohammed was a much later figure, I had the impression that there would be some sort of real proof shown for his existence. Instead, we get the same sort of BS we are given as proof for Jesus, namely writings from decades or even hundreds of years after the man existed and concocted events describing his life. Look at how books from the Apocrypha that were rejected by Constantine’s paid clerics, were later included in the Koran, such as those depicting the early childhood of Jesus. As I said, if you can take down Abraham, or any of those other key figures, then you take down all three religions of violence, because they all rely on the same bunch of fables to prove their authenticity.



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