Gnostic: John Lash – Sophia, Lucifer And Mandela Effect

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From the Youtube description: John Lamb Lash, Gaian shaman and leading proponent of the Gnostic message in our time addresses the phenomenon widely known as the Mandela Effect from the telestic perspective.

With at least 100’s of 1000’s of people around the world experiencing alterations to our reality, many and varied hypotheses have been put forward as to it’s origins and ultimate effect. One theory that has not been explored in depth is that the planet it/herself is responsible.

John also covered the identity of Lucifer, Satan and even Baphomet as the background narrative to understanding Sophia’s Correction and the Mandela Effect.

Title: (YT link) Uploaded by Lisa M Harrison.

John Lamb Lash: Sophia, Lucifer And Mandela Effect – (2016) x stars

Run time: 2 hours, 2 minutes. My comments:

7 minutes in: I have heard Harrison talking about Solis several times on the One People Round Table show. This is an entity that gives her answers and synchronicity, and one of the ways it communicates to Harrison is through technology. I can’t speak for Harrison’s experience, but I can tell you how I’ve defined a similar entity or entities that I interact with quite frequently. I do this by using basic shamanic methods, similar to how real shaman, fortunetellers, spiritualists and even occult magicians communicate with their ‘helpers’ or ‘familiars.’ In my case, I do take great care not to draw in negative energies and focus instead on the positive. I used to call these beings my angels or spirit guides, but have since shortened the label to simply my spirits. Their help is so-so, mostly because I try to prod them into doing the things I want while they’re trying to keep me on their game plan or schedule. At times I have gotten what I would call spectacular results, but at other times they have been completely off the mark. Again, I’m not trying to define what Harrison has sensed, but only giving my impressions from what I have done myself.

11 minutes – Lash introduces the word Mantic or Mantique as a new way to describe spiritualists. I agree that what Harrison does is a form of divination. Now that people are becoming more Awake and Aware, and if a new movement of spiritualism is beginning to rise, I agree that the next step would be communication with beings from the other side. This is in accord with many ancient prophecies that predict an era of materialism to be followed by an age of Enlightenment. This is the Age of Aquarius!

16 minutes – Lash and Harrison go over the Forrest Gump ‘life is like a box of chocolates’ Mandela Effect. Their interpretation is that we have changed tenses to where our old Earth is now in the past, and we are entering into a new era where we know what we are going to get in the future. To me, this matches the overall concept of the Bible book of Revelation, which stands for a ‘revealing’ or new knowledge. I don’t know that I personally would call this divination, as I’m stuck with the idea that divination must be sought out, usually with ritual accompanying it. I see MEs as the random ringing of bells, telling the non-Awake that it is time to wake up. This is why so many MEs take place within pop culture or everyday household products or well-known franchises. Those of us who have been Awake were seeing weird things already for a long time. Now it is time for the rest of the masses to see them as well.

28 minutes – I don’t necessarily agree with the assertion that Lucifer has been wrongly portrayed as Satan. This breaks me away from normal Gnostic teachings, but I don’t like it when either side claims their side is saintly while the opposing side is of ‘the Devil.’ This goes back to a big dilemma I have over whether Enki or Enlil is the good guy. If Enlil is Yahweh, is Enki the same as Satan? Enki would be the giver of knowledge, or the Serpent in the Garden of Eden, or Lucifer. The other side of the coin is where Enlil is the good guy, as Yahweh represents law and order, responsibility and justice, originally good but later devolving into selfishness and jealousy thanks to the followers that served that deity. History has warped both sides. Until this confusion is cleared up to my satisfaction, I say they’re both the bad guys using propaganda to make the other side look like the worst of two evils. Additionally, I am currently entertaining the idea that some thought-forms may be reflections of human psyche, as seen in the Tibetan Book Of The Dead. In Gnosticism, the Archons are a sort of virus or parasite that clings to human souls and thrive on negative emotions.

29 minutes – Lash maintains that there is no myth of Lucifer. He gives the example of the Greek goddess Persephone having a myth, but later specifies he is referring only to the Gnostic texts. For the sake of advancing knowledge, let me toss this into the ring. In Leland’s The Gospel Of The Witches, the Italian / Roman Diana has a brother named Lucifer. This Italian deity Lucifer is the god of the Sun and Moon, and of Light. He was so vain that he was driven out of Paradise. Lucifer went on to impregnate his sister Diana, who gave birth to the goddess Aradia. Aradia was seen as the deity that brought witchcraft to humans and was called the Messiah of the Witches. The tales comes from obscure Italian mythology circa the mid to late 19th century. At the very least this shows a deity by the name of Lucifer existing and probably derived from earlier Roman sources.

Lash goes on to elaborate on the Biblical origin of Lucifer, calling it a piecemeal way for Christians to invent an enemy of god. I can agree with that. Also, let me mention that if Lucifer could be considered the leader of the Fallen Angels, in the Book of Enoch his name is called Semjaya. Some Jewish sources give his name as Azazel, but Azazel was under Semjaya’s authority.

31 minutes – Lash brings up the dragon in Revelation. The story of Michael fighting the dragon comes from an earlier Babylonian myth of Marduk fighting the dragon Tiamat. As Lash says, it has nothing to do with Lucifer.

34 minutes – Harrison mentions how corrupted the original concept of Sophia has become. This is a historical meme that has been suppressing the divine feminine for millennia now. In the Bible, you can see how Eve is blamed for the fall of Man, after having eaten fruit from the tree of Knowledge. This is why Christians, Muslims and Jews have always treated their women as inferior to men, and the reason the wife of Yahweh was erased from history. The result is an imbalance of male aggression, dominance and materialism without the nurturing, creative, spirituality that a female balance would bring.

35 minutes – Lash mentions Baphomet as being an image not to run away from. I am not ready to accept that idea yet. Eliphas Levi is a big name in occult circles. I haven’t done much research into Enochian magic and grimoires yet, but his name pops up all the time. He may have been crazy as Lash says, but that doesn’t mean occult magicians don’t hold Levi in high respect, similar to Crowley. Also, the Church of Satan in Chicago has a statue of Baphomet to represent Satan, so actual Satanists refute this idea that Baphomet and Satan are not the same. If I see a Baphomet figure, trust me, I will run away from it.

I am still undecided as to whether the Knights Templar were good guys or not. They were the bunch that brought the concept of usury, credit and debt to Europe and first created our modern banking system.

44 minutes – Lash states that evil only exists on Earth and only in the minds of the men that create it. I think his definition of evil is too strictly defined. For example, we have cuckoo birds that push eggs of other bird species out of nests and replace them with their cuckoo eggs. We have lions that kill the cubs from other lions so that their cubs will live. Then we have some predators, including common house cats, who kill their prey and then leave it without eating it. We also have animals that sometimes go berserk and run around stomping and killing random people. That may not be human evil, but in its own way it is evil. Also, to say that evil doesn’t exist in the entire cosmos except for Earth is nonsense. Has Lash explored the entire cosmos to verify this? My definition of evil is unnecessarily bringing pain or distress to another creature.

45 minutes – Harrison brings up this idea that all bad things originate from within a person’s mind. I know this contradicts the Tibetan philosophy I mentioned earlier, but I have been attacked by sentient entities in dreams, lucid dreams and in real life. Maybe most people create their own bad thought-forms, but in my case, I’m on a whole other level. I did not mentally create an entity that tried to choke me in my bed, maybe two dozens times in all, from ages 14 to 25. Also, I have sensed evil entities approaching me on a number of occasions, and I have performed three exorcisms so far. This is why I use shamanic methods regularly to clear my room, because I don’t want those entities coming back.

Lash claims that my own imagination created negative thought-forms. I have studied this extensively, and I can say maybe I created some of my own negative energies, but sorry, I have also fought against the negative energies of other people. If I’m doing that to somebody else’s thought-form, that means they are tangible, independent and not mere figments of the imagination. If it was that easy to create negative thought-forms, then why is it so difficult to create positive ones? Lash thinks he’s an authority on everything, and maybe he is for his own life experience. However, that doesn’t mean what he has come to learn is what goes for the entire planet. Yeah, let’s see him explain a demon screwing around when several witnesses are around, like I have seen many times in the past and at many locations. There are no demons in the supernatural realm? Sorry, but I’m calling bullshit here. Try researching almost any religion that has ever existed on Earth for refutation on that one.

53 minutes – Lash claims that Earth enacted a defensive shield against Archons in March of 2014. I say prove it.

1:02 – A non-scientist debunks CERN, Einsteinian physics and quantum mechanics. I personally have reservations about some of that, but that’s after hundreds of hours of listening to qualified personnel familiar within those fields. Lash must be a genius; he did it in only 12 hours.

1:03 – Lash now debunks the Book of Enoch. He says it is all a big concoction from the Church. Now, I don’t claim to know everything, but you know what? I know that the several versions of the Book of Enoch far predate the commission of the Bible. The Book of Enoch was rejected as being ‘too old’ to be included in the Roman Scriptures. So no, Lash, the Church did not concoct it.

1:04 – I agree that the Greek god Pan was the basis for the Christian Satan, and that it was largely because of the eroticism associated with Pan. Christians have been in sexual denial ever since.

1:06 – Lash uses an obscure Arthurian legend from the 14th century as proof that Lucifer is Sophia. That’s about the same time that the Knights Templar were deifying Baphomet and a thousand years after the Gnostics. I’m not an expert on Arthurian legend right now, but I was a few years ago when I read several fat books on the subject. I’m not buying Lash’s correlation until I go find out about this Parzival character, and even then it does not take the name Lucifer back to the time of the Gnostics.

1:09 – ‘If you don’t have technique, you’re not really spiritual.’ At this point, I’m seeing that Lash is full of shit about many of his arrogant statements. I feel a rant coming on, as I still have an hour to go in this interview.

1:12 – ‘All the clues in the world don’t matter if you don’t know the crime.’ All right, this motherfucker is discounting thousands of hours of eyewitness testimony, images and video from people all around the world. Why? Because we don’t know the answer of Planet X ahead of time. Lash compares this to seeing double after being hit on the head or getting drunk. He goes on to speak for all of Gnosticism in trying to explain the enigma. His explanation is that Earth is an amoeba that is dividing. An entire solar system approaching Earth is really thousands of people drunkenly mistaken when they are really seeing an amoeba splitting in two. That explains everything, doesn’t it? I’m very disappointed that Harrison did not call him out on this. In fact, she seems to be gushing a lot at what I see as absurdity.

1:21 – Ear ringing is compared to a giant white curtain before the Grand Canyon. The tearing of this curtain is the sound of the amoeba Earth splitting in two. Great, now we know everything about ear ringing! The cure: find somewhere quiet and enjoy it!

1:31 – Lash is light years past Gnosticism!

1:38 – Lash claims that all divinations will match. Speaking both personally and historically, this has never been the case.

1:40 – Mandela Effect is both fleeting and permanent. I’m glad that has been cleared up as well. However, I do agree that a selection process is taking place.

1:44 – After having said earlier that there were no demons in the supernatural realm, Lash goes on to name three kinds of them now. I guess these are in the physical realm. He states the types are Archons, thought-forms and demons that were humans. This fits exactly with my own findings of Archons, thought-forms and negative ghosts.

1:46 – I’m glad Harrison is finding a lot of synchronicity from this interview, because I’m sure not.

Lash ends the interview telling us how he wants to produce a series of five videos, and how he thinks it is cute to not give his conclusions until the last installment. Way to go! What did I learn from this two hour video? One thing: Don’t listen to John Lash again!

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    • Yeah, that guy drank his own Koolaid. He’s a legend in his own mind now. There is no point in trying to sift the truth from the BS, as there are better and more accurate sources out there.

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