Jacob Israel: We Live In A Simulation And More Mandela Effects

I mentioned a few days ago, how the Christian guys who cover Planet X were on top of their game. Here is another Christian who really knows what is going on. I’m seeing a lot of guys and girls in my age range really ramping up in esoteric knowledge. We are going to hit critical mass pretty soon!


From the Youtube description: Thank you all so much for watching, please do subscribe, like, comment and share if this means something to you. I love you all, Jacob

New evidence came out under the radar that changes everything we know about reality, the Matrix IS real, and now, more than ever before, we can make sense of many paranormal issue like the mandela effect, ghosts, aliens, and more… Buckle up friends, you are in for a wild, enlightening ride.

Title: SHOCKING NEW EVIDENCE Proves We Live In A Simulation and Mandela Effect! (YT link) Uploaded by Jacob Israel.


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