Movie, Horror: Glen Or Glenda directed by Ed Wood (1953)

From the imdb description: A psychiatrist tells two stories: one of a transvestite (Glen or Glenda), the other of a pseudohermaphrodite (Alan or Anne).

imdb rating: 4.1

Title: Ed Wood Jr: Glen or Glenda w/ Bela Lugosi (YT link) Uploaded by The Radio Ghost.

Glen Or Glenda directed by Ed Wood – (1953) 1 star

Run time: 1 hour, 2 minutes. I watched this movie to study the Gnostic concepts found within it, as pointed out in a recent interview with Robert Sullivan regarding Gnostic themes found in cinema. There were some parallels with Sullivan’s statements, such as Bela Lugosi representing a loose sort of Demiurge character, and the way Glen creates inner, personal demons based on his anxieties, which are reminiscent of thought-forms and Archons. These similarities are few and far between, however. Unless you are willing to sift through minute details and veiled themes with a microscope, I don’t think this is worthy of spending a lot of time on. Sure, the characters and plot can be compared to Gnosticism, but they can also be compared to a number of other things, such as Joseph Campbell’s Hero Journey historical meme, or even the advent of a new religion of transvestitism.

As far as the story and plot go, this movie is total garbage. We have a liberal agenda being pushed under the cover of psychological aberration, telling us to conform to the new philosophy that it is okay for a man to become a woman, both in outward appearance and in physiological surgeries. Sorry lib-tards, but historically that concept doesn’t wash, as there have been very few instances where a tiny minority of men has pretended to be women. These instances include isolated cases of shamanism, where the male shaman takes on a female spirit and adopts her mannerisms, in effect ‘marrying’ his spirit. Also, I have heard that a peculiar sect of Gnostics dressed as women, but I can’t recall why they did this at the moment. The bottom line is this is part of the liberal propaganda where we are trying to be fooled into believing that day is night and night is day. Remember that whenever you see a movie with a heterosexual male actor ‘spontaneously’ dressing up as a woman.


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