Robert Spencer Vs David Wood: Did Mohammed Exist?

From the Youtube description:
Muslims and non-Muslims assume that Muhammad existed. Robert Spencer’s new book challenges this assumption, charging that the Muhammad of Islam is shrouded in myths and legends. Can David Wood defend Muhammad’s existence against Robert’s arguments? Find out as Robert and David debate the topic, “Did Muhammad Exist?”

Title: Robert Spencer vs. David Wood: Did Muhammad Exist? (YT link) Uploaded by Acts 17 Apologetics.

David Wood Vs Robert Spencer: Did Mohammed Exist? – (2015) 4 stars

Run time: 1 hour. 23 minutes. When compared with a previous debate I posted, it is clear that these two Christian apologists did better in presenting the historical evidence for Mohammed’s existence than the Muslim clerics did. You can follow along with the intriguing discussion, as I don’t think I can add anything to it.

What I can do is offer some speculation on one interesting topic. I’ve heard a lot about these Satanic verses, both from following similar debates and by the uproar that ensued over Rushdie’s book of the same name. I’ve never read them, so I can’t comment on their precise details. I will give you my first impressions, though. These impressions are varied because I do delve into a number of different schools of thought.

From the point of view of a person who studies myth, the story of Satan coming to give Mohammed false information sounds very similar to the story of Satan tempting Jesus in the desert. If Mohammed was a real person, it is clear that he was lazy and invented ‘holy revelations’ whenever he wanted his way or when followers questioned his motivations. So Mohammed would not have gone out into the desert to fast for forty days like Jesus did. Instead, Islam took the easy way out. Satan came to him and tempted him with disinformation. Later, Mohammed, being such a wise man, realized it was Satan and not Allah, and so he rebuked his own previously divine messages. I think it is more likely that Mohammed said some things, understood he fucked up later, and as he did in several other instances, he covered up his mistakes by inventing newer ‘revelations’ to overshadow the previous ones.

A second theory is that Mohammed was high on hallucinogenic drugs when he had those first revelations. This is not as farfetched as it sounds. There is evidence and rumors that many other cultures used such drugs to achieve altered states, from Egyptians to early Christians and Gnostics, to name only a few cultures during the supposed time of Mohammed. The use of mind-altering drugs is still prevalent in shamanistic societies across the world today. I’ve heard from several researchers about how Old Testament prophets might have used these very means to ‘speak with god.’ This was all over Rome and Greece and other places, so it is unlikely that early Muslims did not know about such practices.

There are a number of other important people who talked to god or who had visions sent from god, allegedly. These include mythical Bible heroes such as Enoch, Noah and Moses, Egypt’s Akhenaten and Rome’s Constantine from the BCE era, all the way up to the founders of the Mormons and the Jehovah’s Witnesses in recent times. The monotheistic ‘one god’ sure has a habit of appearing to a single person at a time, doesn’t he? You would think an all-powerful god would appear to, well, everybody, in order to prove he or she or it is really out there. Basically, what I’m saying here is that Mohammed made the story up to further his personal agenda, just like most of the personalities I mentioned did.

Finally, let’s take a look at the Satanic verses from the Gnostic point of view. In this case, Mohammed was surrounded by Archons who wanted things done their way. In Islam these entities could also be seen as Jinn, or the Western Genies. If that is the case, the god Mohammed was told to worship is really the Demiurge. Further corroboration for this comes from the Gnostic idea that Yahweh, which comes after and does not include El / Saturn, is also the Demiurge. The reasoning behind this is that the Demiurge is portrayed as a strict and jealous god who demands obedience and crushes any who oppose him.

We see a lot of that in the three religions of violence: Christianity who crucifies its central figure and historically butchered pagans, and in Judaism and Islam who seek to subdue the entire world through war even today. The Demiurge is not dividing itself or diluting its strength by instigating conflict between three religions it is the head of. In the Gnostic view, the Demiurge deliberately stirs up the shit to keep people fighting each other and preventing them from seeing the Prison Planet they are corralled into.

Note also that the three religions of violence sprung up from the same regions of the Middle East, and that their patriarchal god, whether they name him Allah or Yahweh, is a local god who did not pop up anywhere else in the world. That means the history of the Demiurge on Earth can be traced to a general time period of around, hmm, between 900 BCE and 500 BCE, when the Hebrews / Jews converted El / Saturn into Yahweh and became a male-dominated religion. This fits in well with the time period of ancient Jewish mysticism and Kabbalah, where again occult magic and possibly hallucinogenic drugs may have been used to conjure up spirits, to control spirits, and to receive occult knowledge from spirits. If you don’t want to go with hallucinogenics, I can point out even more historical sources stating that the ‘god’ of all of many religions appeared right after the spilling of blood in blood sacrifices, whether it be the blood of animals or humans. Again, this is a justified demand of the Gnostic Demiurge and matches the present death cult of Islam.

Islam has its own form of mysticism involving Jinn derived from the earlier Jewish sources. For the record, so do the Freemasons, the Jesuits, the Theosophists, and the Knights Templar, all Luciferians and to name just a few. In my opinion, this is a later perversion of the original concept of the Mystery Schools that taught true spiritual Enlightenment in such places as Egypt, Greece and early Rome. We also hear about Mystery Babylon, but guess what, that took place during the time the original Hebrew Jews were in captivity, and that matches the time period I mentioned before. Note that the people who are spreading the barbaric religion of Islam are the Freemasons, the Zionist bankers and the Vatican under present Jesuit control, and you see the hand of Lucifer behind their motivations. If Lucifer is the same as the Demiurge, and the Demiurge is the same as Allah and Yahweh, well, let’s put two and two together and you come a long way toward explaining why the world is in the dismal, war-torn and bloody state it is in today.


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