David Wood Vs Shabir Ally: Is The Bible A Book Of Peace?

I have other debates featuring David Wood posted. Unlike Wood, I am not an apologist and I don’t sugarcoat the Truth. Can you handle that?


Title: Debate: Is the Bible a Book of Peace? David Wood (Christian) vs. Shabir Ally (Muslim) (YT link) Uploaded by Acts 17 Apologist.

David Wood Vs Shabir Ally: Is The Bible A Book Of Peace? – (2015) 3 stars

Run time: 1 hour, 21 minutes. Wood delivers a powerful opening statement, but half of it has nothing to do with the stated premise. There are a number of ways I could go here, in showing Wood’s obfuscation of historical facts, which he is whitewashing or downplaying, or outright dismissing. Take the important mention of Japtheth’s daughter. This young woman was murdered as a blood sacrifice to El / Yahweh, yet Wood dismisses it as ‘a hasty vow.’ Also, in previous debates, Wood has consistently brought up the idea of how the Muslim Koran should be seen at a book of utmost clarity. When it comes to god Yahweh commanding his tribe of shepherds to raid, pillage and murder, however, Wood softens up the charge of genocide by comparing it to football teams trouncing one another on the playing field. Whether or not the tribal shepherds fulfilled their orders or not, their deity ordered them to do it, and both angles would still refute the idea of the Bible as a book of peace.

Wood states that we cannot see it as genocide if the targeted tribe shows up in later texts. Again, I’ll go back to previous debates where Wood insisted on the Koran’s clarity. How can things be crystal clear if Bible verses say one thing here and another thing there? They can’t. There has to be some exaggeration or obfuscation somewhere in there, and so the Bible is proven to have inconsistencies. Also, he calls the exaggerations a ‘plot device,’ which is fitting considering the Bible is a book of plagiarized fables.

Wood and Ally are both the wrong people to have this discussion. Wood is more interested in winning the argument than in presenting a full picture, and Ally is not quick enough to pick up on Wood’s discrepancies. Also, Ally panders to the crowd too much while trying to win popularity points, also trying to win the argument, but through humor. Ally’s worst fault in this debate is that he never questions the god of the Bible. All he really has to do to bury Wood and the topic is to go down the list of how many times El / Yahweh / Jehovah / Saturn told his shepherds to murder other, or how many times El did this on his own initiative, even when it came to killing his immediate followers. Ally focuses on the men that did the killing, and not on the jealous deity that was in charge. Why? Because Ally recognizes that he would be criticizing his own god if he puts down the god of the Christians. The Israelites of the Old Testament and the Jews of the New Testament were both part of a death / blood sacrifice cult, just like Islam is today.

This entire debate is really pointless, as the only reason the Old Testament and the New are in the same volume is because Rome conspired and paid to put them together. El / Yahweh of the OT is NOT the same as the sun god Jesus of the NT. Secondly, the Jesus of the NT is NOT the original version that came from the Gnostic beliefs of the time. If you can get past that, you will begin to understand that the foundation of the Bible is built on fables, contrivances and lies, and also that its main teaching is Obedience to authority. If that is the kind of Peace you want, go for it.


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