Japan: 2011 – UFO Anomalies At Mt. Sakurajima, Full Video



From the Youtube description: Map of all 10 Cameras that are aimed around Sakurajima, with links to the live streams:…
Archived time-lapse footage including what you see here:

Title: UFO (?) Emerges at Sakurajima, Japan [Full-length] – WEIRD Space-warp – March 13, 2011 (YT link) Uploaded by Sheila Aliens.

UFO Anomalies At Mt. Sakurajima, 2011 – (2012) 5 stars

Run time: 10 minutes. Shiela Aliens has tracked down the full footage of this event from the official cam-site for this Japanese volcano. So, what are we looking at here? In my original post, The Scariest Movie Ever comments that plain and simple, this is a doorway to Hell. At the end of this video, Sheila Aliens lists several possible theories ranging from natural phenomena to artificial and this being an alien or human caused event.

My impressions: I see a lot of mechanical processes and energy / light bursts. As a matter of fact, I envisioned such a scene in my sci-fi series Roaches In The Attic, where scientists in a modern day spaceship, designed from ancient Indian Vimana, arrive on other worlds.

First you have a device that marks the destination point. This device is moving, flapping or possibly even spinning, and creates an energy rift to allow the vessel to appear. This device would also repeat its motions to allow the vessel to return to its original departure point.

Next, you have the vessel itself. In my series, and through electromagnetic gyrations, the empty space inside of molecules is compressed, reducing large objects to the size of a cluster of atoms. A wormhole is created, and the vessel passes through from point A to point B. Notice that the vessel in this video is stationary; it doesn’t move and it doesn’t appear to be doing anything on its own. This gives me the idea that this is an observational craft.

The random UFOs that appear in the sky around the volcano would be drones recording the eruption from various angles, while the observers remain safely inside the bright vessel. The rocket-like bursts that shoot out over the mouth of the volcano could be taking atmospheric measurements. These rockets would not be recoverable, much like the rockets that weathermen shoot into the sky when trying to gauge the atmosphere. Perhaps the heat or magma of the volcano would destroy them. The part that’s giving me the most trouble is the light or energy sequence that trails to the right, and trails back in again. This reminds me of landing lights at an airport. Perhaps they serve to lead the drones or atmospheric rockets back to the ship, in an electromagnetic manner.

Conclusion: This is a scientific expedition to take readings and make observations regarding an erupting volcano. The beings inside this vessel could be from the present day or time travelers, aliens or humans. The vessel and other components are brightly lighted to prevent us Regular Joes from seeing the construction of the ship, either because the occupants are trying to minimize their exposure to humans, or because the vessel would be recognizable in its markings or structure if it were clearly seen. This is exactly how human scientists in my books went out to explore other planets, except for all the long-lasting bright lights.


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