Planet X: The Nibiru System Is In The Sky Right Now!

Hold your horses for a second! If you’ve been following my Planet X WSO posts, this is not what you think. BP Earthwatch has been butting heads with the WSO guys for some time now. He is giving an alternate explanation for the Nibiru hysteria we are seeing all over. BP’s theory is that a new star system is not crashing through ours. Instead, what we are seeing is a near approach by Jupiter and its many moons. So, let’s give him a listen and see what he has to say about this.

Personally, I disagree with BP’s interpretation. It contradicts a lot of what the Electric Universe and other researchers say about that Babylonian / Sumerian star cylinder seal, first of all. In my opinion, what we are seeing on the cylinder seal is Saturn, and I have a whole of posts to back up why I believe this.

Second, we know what Jupiter’s moons look like. They don’t look anything at all like the supposed Nibiru / Nemesis planets that people are taking pictures of, and they don’t explain the strange sun shield around Sol or the hexagon sun pattern seen in some Sol pictures. So far, the WSO guys have presented images of 4 new planets: a red planet with an iron oxide dust cloud around it, two blue planets, one with stripes and one that has the dimpled surface of a golf ball, and a smaller brown planetoid that looked like an olive with a huge, gaping hole in it.

I think BP does good research usually, but I totally disagree with his hypothesis because of the evidence other people are putting forward that contradicts it. Also, the liars at NASA have been hinting several times about a new, large planet past the orbit of Neptune. That sounds to me like a soft disclosure.


Title: The NIBIRU SYSTEM NOW VISIBLE IN THE NIGHT SKY! (YT link) Uploaded by BP Earthwatch.


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