Prophecy: Pope John Paul II And The Book Of Revelation Part 1

This video is from 2012. With the way things have progressed in a negative way since then, I thought it might be a good idea to take another look at it. According the prophecies of St. Malachi, the last Pope was to be called Petrus Romanus, or Peter of Rome. While the prophecy does not exactly match current Pope Francis, a.k.a. Jesuit General Superior Bergoglio, many people think he will be the last real Pope. The speculation at the time was that another Pope would follow, and that he would come from the previous line of Popes. Since most of these men are now deceased, some people are pointing to John Paul II as a candidate to watch out for as potentially being resurrected by the New World Order. There are some strange things relating to how Paul was buried, which you will see in this video and the next. I will post Part 2 right after this.


Title: Prophecy of the Century Next Last Pope Part 1 (YT link) Uploaded by Human Beings -vs- Psychopathic Entities.


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