Russ Dizdar: We Are Tracking Super Soldiers In All US Cities

From the Youtube description: The work the Germans did in the ’30 – ’40’s created a soldier race that is now hiding in every American city and town… Including Yours! Russ Dizdar exposes what he believes is a growing threat to your family.

Title: Dizdar: We Are Tracking Satanic Super Soldiers In ALL U.S. Cities (YT link) Uploaded by Josh Tolley.

Russ Dizdar: We Are Tracking Super Soldiers In All US Cities – (2016) 5 stars

Run time: 37 minutes. I nearly passed on this interview, because I saw Dizdar teaming up with sensationalist Steve Quayle in a few other Youtube videos. Anyway, the topic is trauma based mind control and Satanism, both of which I agree are very real things. It is one thing to sit at home and debate through a computer on whether or not you believe that demons exist. It is a whole other world to be out there in the supernatural trenches and seeing these entities up close. I’ve been there plenty of times. Believe what you will: that these are self-created thought-forms that plague humans, like the Tibetan Book of the Dead states, that these are vengeful Fallen Angels like Christians will say, or that they are parasitic Archons like those found in the Gnostic teachings. It doesn’t matter what you believe, really. Some of us have encountered these entities up close and personal. As impossible as it might sound to the materialists out there, these things can be intelligent and they can pass information over to those who conjure them or who sacrifice to them. Whether you are cognizant enough to accept this or not, that is the way the world we live in really works.


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