Mandela Effect: Blue Lava, Blue Tigers And Lots Of Blue Anomalies

Welcome to the New Earth! Now, some of the pics might be Photoshopped, so don’t take them as accurate unless you also find them on news or nature websites. Having said that, the Aussie chicks on One People Round Table also mentioned this in their last broadcast.


One of my subs pointed out that much of this video could be photo shopped. I admit I may have got ahead of myself and I should have done some more research when selecting the pictures in the video. Below is my reply to the these claims. I apologize for any misleading information. OK the blue tiger was on the LifeMatrix’s channel and I assumed he did his homework on this. Now in my defense have you seen all the glowing animals they produced? I honestly would not be surprised to see blue tigers. It was reported that these tigers did exist back in the 1920’s but have not been seen since. If you didn’t know check out these animals that have been genetically engineered to glow and reported by MIT.

The Strawberries, I found this site that talks about the in fact they did exist although the pictures that I showed is most likely been photo shopped.

Blue Tomatoes, OK I might have been caught up in all the blue hype however there is a variant of tomato that is a dark blue or purple. It is called the OSU Blue.

Blue Kiwi, There is a site selling the seeds… is it total BS?

Blue Lava, totally real and something that is amazing to me because with all the volcanic eruptions I have seen on the nature channels, PBS, and in school I never heard of such a thing.

Blue Potatoes, Absolutely exist

Finally I have eaten a genetically modified grape that tasted just like cotton candy. I felt wrong after eating it too! Like this was some freak of nature. So I will admit that perhaps I jumped the gun on some of the “blue” things in the world but I am telling this. If they can make glowing animals and grapes taste like cotton candy… engineering blue into something is not out of the realm of possibility. So I apologize for not looking into it little closer. – Scarab Performance

Title: Mandela Effect 65 – Blue (YT link) Uploaded by Scarab Performance.


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