One People Round Table: Oct 11 – 9/11 Mandela, Circuit Board Earth

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From the Youtube description: This weeks One People Round Table Show was seriously epic and ended up being well over 2 and a half hours long, the conversation just kept flowing. We open with the news of the Vatican knowing about ET(I)’s, as disclosed in emails between astronaut Edgar Mitchell and John Podesta, Dani ranted about the US Generals who’ve apparently lost their minds, and John Kerry’s threats of charging Russia with “War Crimes” for purportedly bombing a hospital in Syria. And of course we talked about the latest presidential circus…! Oh and the Blue Tigers of China! Then we dove into the latest “Toto/Mandela Effect”: Building 6 of the world Trade Centre, and it’s destruction during Sept 11, 2001. …. Didn’t happen in my reality!!

The conversation quickly jumped into some pretty deep discussions around the nature of our “world” and our perceived reality. Various friends in the live audience came out to give their opinions and to share some of their latest thoughts, including the infamous Ben, Jeff and Dawn.

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Title: One People Round Table 11 Oct 2016-Bio Organic Computer Reality (YT link) Uploaded by Lisa M Harrison.

One People Round Table: 9/11 Mandela And Circuit Board Earth – (2016) 5 stars

Run time: 2 hours, 39 minutes. I wanted to simply relax and listen to this week’s show without writing a review on it. As it turns out, the Aussie ‘fetching broads,’ as John Lash described them, have touched upon several synchronicities I’ve been seeing on my end. Now I have left my comfortable seat and come to my computer desk to start the show over, but this time I’m taking notes!

9/11 Building 6 – I have it in my head that ‘several buildings’ fell on 9/11. That would be more than three. I have looked into a lot of 9/11 documentaries, written reports and Youtube videos, but I always keep coming back to the Twin Towers and Building 7. Even with this Building 6 added, I still have a vague impression that more buildings fell. Recently, I came across a video of a 5th plane that was about to be hijacked, but that plane never got off the ground. This is in addition to the two planes that hit the Towers, the plane that hit the Pentagon, and the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania. Again, I recall this as an early memory, and then the memory was gone, and it has only resurfaced recently.

Also, I remember other attacks that happened on the same date as 9/11 that involved bridges in New York being blown up. These were early reports, but they vanished quickly. You know how these major events have a lot of inconsistencies at first, right? So I figured the reports of bridges blown up would be covered in later days after 9/11, but they never were. At the same time, I recall several white vans being stopped under or near bridges, as if they might be part of the terror attacks. I don’t mean just one or two like whatever that false Israeli moving company had. This was more like five or six vans and trucks from multiple businesses. I recall something like 300 Israeli art students being expelled from the US some six or eight months after the attacks as well, but I haven’t heard that figure mentioned recently, and I did post several documentaries during the 9/11 remembrance this year.

22 minutes in – Harrison theorizes that when the Koran and the Torah start to show Mandela Effects, we will be getting really close to the End Game. I’m thinking about this right now. A lot of things do point to the Middle East as being the catalyst for all of the mess happening in the world now. I think the theory is plausible. In Gnosticism, the main bad guy is the Demiurge, which has appeared to humanity as Yahweh and sought to dominate Earth ever since. In the Bible and the Book of Enoch, we have the Fallen Angels who came to give advanced knowledge to humans, before they started taking over the world. I’ve heard of several researchers who believe that the Bottomless Pit is located in the Middle East. In both cases, Yahweh’s primary purpose is to get his death cult to expand all over the world.

24 minutes – I agree that timelines are collapsing. I am not completely sold on this idea that energy is being dispersed through other methods, but I do think the negative energy or evil factor is greatly increasing, and taking us from civility into barbarism.

28 minutes – The WSO guys are reporting massive lightning strikes all over, so that is a corroboration. I’m leaning it more to plasma discharges from Earth to the Planet X solar system, in accordance to Electric Universe Theory of magnetic attraction and repulsion between two planetary bodies.

30 minutes – Unusual and colorful things in nature are mentioned. I said this some time ago, maybe two months or so, regarding Mandela Effect: We were going to start seeing manifestations of things from other dimensions. I think this is part of it. You have to remember that we only see because of the way light from the sun, and to a lesser extent artificial light, are interpreted by our eyes. If the light from the sun changes, then we might be able to perceive more of the electromagnetic / light spectrum. Just in the last week or so, the WSO guys are noticing red rainbows in multiple locations. These can only happen if normal sunlight has changed into something else. I have a feeling that the sun’s light will continue to brighten, and again I will say that we will witness some very strange things as a result of that.

32 minutes – I’ve never heard of pink dolphins or pink grasshoppers. I was a big nature guy when I was around my kids. I mean like going to the zoo every couple of months and concentrating on different sections, subscribing to nature magazines and watching all sorts of nature documentaries. I subscribed to a company that sold animal cards with pictures on one side and details on the back. I liked to keep up on newly discovered creatures found in jungles and in the bottom of the ocean. Pink grasshoppers and dolphins would have been a big deal to me because I would have tried to figure out how they could survive in the wild when predators chased after them.

34 minutes – I’ve heard of Tellinger’s circuit board idea. I think this is very plausible when considering that the pyramids were energy sources. I have tried to confirm the circuit boards at the bottom of lakes, but so far I’m not convinced that those videos are authentic. One of Brien Foerster’s title images showed a circuit board in a South American lake, for example, but the actual video had nothing like it.

37 minutes – Harrison mentions how the elite are trying to build a circuit board to build a world to their liking. This goes along with my theory of the bad guys trying to return to the Golden Age of Saturn through technology. If the bad guys are already capable of building worlds, but humans are fucking it up, as McKinney says, that is because too many of us are Awake. I don’t think the bad guys can reverse or recreate reality to a time when the vast majority was asleep and easier to control. That could help explain Mandela Effect. Once the genie is out of the bottle, there is no way to put it back in. This is Pandora’s Box for the good guys.

42 minutes – McKinney mentions people forgetting. Because my mother goes out of the house a lot and talks to a lot of people, I asked if she noticed anything unusual lately. She said a lot of people are strangely absent-minded, where they forget their keys or what they were doing, or why they went somewhere. I’ve seen this myself, when I’m writing a sentence for a story, and halfway through I stop because I forgot what the next sentence was going to be about. I’m the kind of writer that visualizes an entire page ahead of time. (This is why I end up making a lot of errors sometimes, because I type everything down so fast.) It gets frustrating when I can’t remember where I was going from one sentence to the next. As synchronicity, just last night I started a story where the main character has to look into a mirror every day to remind himself of who he is. He actually has to say his name, his place of birth and other relevant information as reinforcement for how other people are quickly forgetting who they are. I’m making a prediction here that people will forget things that are very important to them, probably when the light from the sun or the energy from the sun changes again.

52 minutes – McKinney describes seeing a ripple across the sky. This sounds very similar to Crrow777’s Lunar Wave recordings, especially when she mentions it was similar to seeing the movement of water. They do mention Crow later.

56 minutes – Harrison mentions a code-breaker moving through the Hologram Universe and disrupting the bad guys’ code. This is what I’ve been calling the 100th Monkey Effect, where I see a wave of positive change flowing from one person to another. Harrison thinks this only goes from one individual to another, but I think it is a rising of existential vibration. I think many of us are getting this spontaneously. The bad guys can’t stop that.

Later, guest Ben talks about how time and money are integrated. Harrison goes on to make a long analogy with a mother preparing a meal in a kitchen, and a conniving child who wants to get at her food while she has stepped away. This is the Gnostic idea of the Demiurge coming in to the enclosed Hologram Universe to disrupt normal operations. It also matches the concept of the Black Cube on Saturn, which many believe controls Time and Space, and which the Elite are trying to reset back to the Golden Age of Saturn where they were fully in control.

In addition, it goes along with Philip K. Dick’s idea that time ended 2,000 years ago, and we have been going along in a hamster loop ever since. Harrison mentions this loop as lasting 30 to 40 years. Personally, I think it is more along the lines of 100 years, where we have a decade or so of opportunity to define the rest of the century. This is why the Elite are trying to start World War III right away, as it will mean 90 or so years of war just like we saw in the 20th century with World War I and II. Once that window of opportunity has passed us by, we might have to wait 100 years for the next one to come around. At the same time, Harrison’s idea that the bad guys are running out of time makes sense to what we are seeing in the world today.

The way Time is being defined here reminds me of the Doomsday Book, where the English monarchy tried to count every single thing that everyone in England owned. This was officially done to keep a census and count, but it could also have been designed to create a monetary value for everything a man could do or sell.

McKinney mentions four TV shows dealing with time and altered timelines. I see this as disinformation to the ignorant masses. This is a way to obfuscate Mandela Effect, or to sway it toward another end, as in predictive programming.

2:23 – McKinney brings up the idea of real people and bot people. I call the bots 2D people, cardboard people and NPCs or Non-Player Characters. I will take this concept even further. The moment a person ‘Wakes Up’ occurs when a soul enters into a bot body, or when a soul enters the Matrix / Hologram Universe. This is why the vast majority of people will never Wake Up; they are programmed with limited ranges and limited perceptions. Bots are very important for keeping the illusion of the game going, as they influence the real souls and give motivations and progression for the real souls that enter the game. The Khatib Alexander / Hadybow material speaks to this also. In that material 1 million people are advanced souls, 1 billion people are intermediate, and the rest of the world population is made up of simple-minded drones whose programming has not been updated since 2008 or 2009, allegedly.

I don’t trust Harrison’s number of 144,00 because it is simply a multiplication of 12 times 12 and can be quickly correlated to zodiac signs and the number of months in a year. The Earth is too big for only that few people to exist in a simulation, unless each person wants to build their own sandbox in the form of a village or city. When the control area of one advanced soul butts up against another soul’s control area, you will have a result of peaceful or violent exchange. Think of the original world-building video game Sim City, where a player must build and maintain a population with happiness, utilities and other things necessary for technological progress. By the way, I address the topic of advanced souls and fractals in my fiction novel The World Changers.

In closing, let me reiterate what the Aussie gals were saying at the end of their show. Keep your vibration high through art, music or humor. It is this sort of elevated state that is helping to increase awareness and exposing the corruption that is set against us.


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