Christian: Tim Alberino – Days Of Noah And Real Giants – Part 1

I will post Part 2 of this interview shortly.


From the Youtube description: Check out True Legends:…

A conversation with Tim Alberino of Gen 6 productions. We discuss where we’re at in the prophetic timeline.

Title: DAYS OF NOAH 2.0 – Interview w/Tim Alberino PART ONE [Pre-Flood vs Post-Flood Giants] (YT link) Uploaded by Face Like The Sun.

Tim Alberino: Days Of Noah And Real Giants, Part 1 – (2016) 5 stars

Run time: 1 hour, 11 minutes. This interview starts off as being very interesting with Alberino giving information on Sardinian, Peruvian and other real Giants that is almost always suppressed or outright hidden. About halfway through, the topic switches over to shamanism and magic, and that’s when things really get interesting.

Alberino describes a lucid dream where he is in a circle of people sitting around in the dirt. At the center of the circle of people are two smaller circles, one immobile and one able to spin. This is described somewhat as the spinning device on the Wheel Of Fortune show. If you don’t know what that is, just imagine a roulette wheel from a casino. A monster is looming around the circle of people, while the wheel spins. When the wheel stops, apparently one person is selected. The monster snatches this person up and basically chews them up. The perspective changes to where the monster is now chasing all of the people around, and it has selected Alberino as its next meal. The dream ends with Alberino being caught and eaten. Alberino gives his guesses as to why this dream took place and points the finger at witch doctors as having been the culprits.

I’d like to take a shot at interpreting this dream. I have written four books on real paranormal activity I have seen personally. Three of those books have a huge content of my experiences in automatic writing, dreams and lucid dreams. I agree with Alberino that a person or a group had it in for him and conjured up an evil entity to go and attack him. I am leaning toward this being a created thought-form, as opposed to a true demon, a Jinn or an Archon. I have undergone similar attacks both in the dream state and in the physical world, so I do have some basis for my conclusions.

The circle of people was really a distraction. This was conjured up to make Alberino believe the action was taking place away from him. The monster at the edge of the circle was looming and portending. This was done to increase anxiety and fear. When the wheel stopped and the monster ate the first man, it was a ploy to increase fear again. As a weird synchronicity, and my life is full of such weird things, two nights ago I imagined a large deity or idol that reminded me of the Canaanite / Bohemian Grove god Moloch. The god was looming over a pit full of living people. As I watched, Moloch reached in to grab a handful of them. He put them in his mouth and began chewing them up. Most of the people were women and children in my vision, which I relate to the state of the world where so many innocents are being killed or maimed thanks to our corrupt national leaders.

In Alberino’s dream, he next sees the monster coming after him and he runs away. Again, this action is to promote fear in the mind of the dreamer. It tells me that the created thought-form had limited power and little physical strength. The entity was actually inside Alberino’s room while it was also screwing around in his sleeping mind. Notice how the fear, fear, fear component has been increased here several times. This prevents logic from entering the human mind and gives the thought-form more control over the direction of the dream. The first reaction of most any person to a supposed, deadly threat is flight. The way you counter this is by understanding that yes, you are afraid, but you don’t have to keep being afraid. You can turn around and face your fears. In the same way, you can defy an evil thought-form whose main attack weapon is to scare you into running away from it. I have gone through this enough times that I can recognize what type of entity is in my dreams. Some of these are tough to counter, but most of them will flee once you stand your ground and reaffirm your own spiritual strength.

Alberino mentions bullet ants, tarantulas and poisonous snakes appearing on his baby’s body, at his door and at water spigots, respectively. These are also signs that witches are trying to bring harm to a person. My friend Matt was harassed by a coven of witches a few years ago, who attacked him with a pit bull and also caused a Black Widow to appear on his doorknob when he reached out for it. Matt and I worked together at a hotel, where we had several run-ins with the witch coven that worked there in the executive offices.

One time a woman with a lot of charm came over to talk to me. She was a guest at the hotel. Her energy was strong and palpable. While we talked, a spider spun a strand of web down from the cement ceiling and halted directly between her eyes and mine. Now, this woman and I both knew we were dealing with someone that knew something about the supernatural. We both ignored the spider while I tried to fathom what this woman wanted to do against me. The spider was a distraction so that my attention would shift to it and this would possibly leave me open to some sort of magical attack. Nothing happened to me, but Matt later reported arm pain and pain in his side after he accidentally shook that same woman’s hand. Both Matt and I agreed that this was a witch, and what a coincidence that this woman was attracted to us both, at separate times and locations, from all of the other employees working at that hotel.

As far as my experience goes, Alberino’s account is certainly a witch’s curse with a thought-form or minor spirit sent out to do that witch’s bidding.


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