Christian: Tim Alberino – Days Of Noah, DNA Manipulation – Part 2

Search for Alberino’s name to find Part 1 of this interview.


From the Youtube description: Check out True Legends:

A conversation with Tim Alberino of Gen 6 productions. We discuss where we’re at in the prophetic timeline.

Title: DAYS OF NOAH 2.0 – Interview w/Tim Alberino PART TWO [Pre-Flood vs Post-Flood Giants] (YT link) Uploaded by Face Like The Sun.

Tim Alberino: Days Of Noah And DNA Manipulation, Part 2 – (2016) 5 stars

Run time: 39 minutes. Alberino’s discussion continues with a focus on DNA manipulation from the ancient past compared to what is taking place today. Here is some speculation that I’ve been tossing around, which resurfaced while I was listening to the speaker.

Theory No. 1 – Every big ancient culture believed in repeating epochs, this is, that time runs in a circle and that ages such as stone, wood, bronze and iron circulate. This fits in well with my Cosmic Algorithm belief. Time has cosmic seasons. So, I sometimes get to wonder what things were like right before the last big Ice Age, circa 11,500 BCE. What was science like? That one particularly grabs me. Today, we have Alberino’s speculation that perhaps thousands of slave humans might be living in underground military bases. If we go with the Super Soldier assumption, these slaves would be bigger, stronger, faster and smarter than us regular Homo Sapiens. What if some sympathetic scientist starts feeling bad for these Homo Superiors, right, and he starts telling them how they were created and fomenting a revolution with their way of thinking?

In Gnostic circles, the sympathetic scientist would be Enki, gifting the slave race knowledge that will allow them to break out of their confinement, akin to Adam and Eve breaking out of the Garden of Eden. The bad guy would be Enlil, the scientist who runs the genetic program, who has been saying all along that Homo Superiors are kept confined for their own good, and that it will be very, very bad for them if they leave his ‘holy’ oversight. After a few revolts, Homo Superior breaks free from their controllers.

What do they do when they reach the surface? They discover a much weaker Homo Sapiens population. With their advanced attributes, Homo Superior might very quickly gain a foothold somewhere and start tearing human society apart. Understandably, they would be angry with humans because of the way they were enslaved. However, there are few of them and so they will make allies from among human nations. Because of their higher intellects, Homo Superior will start creating advanced technologies and progress science much faster than humans can. There you have a Fallen Angel scenario, where huge wars break out. In the end, a lot of the warring sides will be destroyed, leaving survivors trying to explain what happened after the fact. It could be said that Homo Superior went back into the Earth, figuratively, and that could lead to a new Bottomless Pit or Pandora’s Box myth to scare future generations from delving into genetic manipulation.

Theory No. 2 – This one is about the Singularity. Much has been discussed about this from metaphysical, scientific and philosophical venues. The idea is that Artificial Intelligence will gain awareness and machines / technology will take over. What if The Powers That Be are in a race to develop this digital Singularity, because something else is taking place that would disrupt their ability to rule over us? What if the real Singularity is not scientific but natural, and it is arriving into the human consciousness even as we speak through metaphysical or godly means. This might be the real reason Mandela Effect is taking place. AI and human consciousness are fighting things out right now in the ethereal realms. In a way, this is the eternal battle between good and evil that all cultures describe, but in a quantum sense. It is an arm-wrestling competition between control and freedom. The winner of this Singularity battle will be whichever side gains the most minds at the end. To Borg or not to Borg, that is the question.


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