Mandela Effect: Think Positive – Look At The Bright Side by Ursula

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Think positive – if there is need to freak out, we can always do that later! Those of us who pay attention to logos will notice changes. Those who are good spellers will also. If you look at maps a lot, you will realize when one has changed. But not everyone notices things – perhaps those are the people who don’t get the ME. Not many study anatomy so would not realize when an organ has shifted. People only search the web for what they are seeking so may not know when an animal is new to their timeline.

Those of us who have studied the ME are in the same boat – possibly a new earth, having discarded the old as too polluted. We relocated and to assist our settling in, we are given this matrix which is programmed to imitate the old earth. Some settings need to be tweaked, and reset from further back, like land masses. This is hoped to spare us some of the squabbles of “today.”

Our body also needs tweaking so it is restructured. Animals also have changed. I am surely not the only one who has never seen a narwhal or bloodsucking bat. Can mermaids be far behind? Unicorns in the Bible? Only the KJ version, so what’s up with that? The Bible changes being just the one version makes me wonder if further tweaking is coming on that.

There are time travellers assisting us and they need a reference point to help them determine which of the reset “new earths” they are in. Their guideposts are the changed logos, as they are everywhere. The very first change from the old earth used logos with A. Sex And the City. BerenstAin Bears. There are many other As. The next change was Bs. Blue tigers. Huge Bats and Blood-sucking (small) Bats. You get it? We have FebreEze, so we must have gone through an E stage. Perhaps we are past N – I know that dilemNa was the way it used to be spelled. Positive on that!

One person mentioned their thesaurus of 30 years had a few new pages – brighter, not faded or dusty. A clue? Are the time travellers to go check dictionaries for new pages to find the newly spelled words, if they are disoriented?

So, we have letters as markers. Our new reality is a matrix. Perhaps we will learn to become more fluid in this density, as some have channelled. Could this be more sinister, or even an unintended consequence of CERN? Perhaps. But I prefer to thnk we have shifted and are vibrating at a higher rate of consciousness. As I said before, we can always freak out later, if need be. Why not look at the bright side?


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