Christian: Tim Alberino – The Return Of The Giant Kings

From the Youtube description: Ancient information has been hidden. Secret societies and powerful religious organizations have held information passed down by the gods captive. If knowledge is power than there is no wonder they are the most powerful in all the land. Cover ups, building over, and sealing lips are the jobs of an organization thousands of years old….
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Title: The Return of the Giant Kings and The Captive gods w/ Timothy Alberino (YT link) Uploaded by Now You See TV.

Tim Alberino: The Return Of The Giant Kings – (2016) 5 stars

Run time: 1 hour, 27 minutes. This interview covers a number of occult subjects, the most prevalent being the role of the Vatican and in specific the militaristic Jesuit Order. A lot of the information is accurate, so I won’t question that.

I will, however, draw attention to the way that information has been interpreted. The Jesuit Order had always been at the heart of subterfuge, skullduggery, suppression and assassination. In fact, I might suggest that the American CIA, the Smithsonian Institute and the Rockefeller Foundation were founded with the Jesuit Order as their template. One of the primary concerns the Jesuits attack is the spreading of new or hidden knowledge. Medieval Portugal was an imperialistic, colonizing nation and making vast gains in science, for example, until the Jesuits infiltrated their monarchy and disrupted that nation so badly it has not recovered ever since.

So what are the Jesuits so worried about? What are they hiding? If you go back to the early Roman Empire, you will see this same trend realized time after time. Rome burned the holy texts, and also an immense number of other texts, at the Library of Alexandria. Whenever the dominating tentacles of the Church of Rome spread out to so-called pagan nations, one of the first things they did was to wipe out their historical records. The Roman Church, with the Jesuits as their spearhead, ruined the civilizations of the Americas, and the cultures of Western Europe and other places before that. Along with the American CIA, they are still undermining governments today, mostly in Latin America because the Muslim countries have become wary of their deceptions. More recently, I have heard a number of reports where sacred documents have been stolen from museums in countries the United States is invading through their mercenaries in ISIS and other hired terrorist organizations. It must be a pretty big secret if they’ve been trying to keep it under wraps for the better part of two thousand years now.

According to the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, the god Thoth, also known as Hermes Trismegistus, has stated that he will rise again. In the text, Thoth discovered the secret of immortality. He lived during the time of Atlantis first and Egypt second. He can incarnate at will, apparently, but he has chosen to take a long rest before the next time he is seen walking the Earth. There are frequent rumors that the tomb of Thoth has been found in a number of nations, such as Egypt, Iraq and Romania. Note that Russia moved in very quickly to commandeer land in Crimea, when ancient pyramids were recently unearthed there. We have the persistent rumor that some nations don’t want Thoth to be brought back to life.

We do know that Rome established their churches on sites the pagans used to worship their gods. I think that had less to do with hiding ancient myth, and more to do with demoralizing the peoples they conquered, letting them know that Rome was now the only game in town. If fact, many religions and cultures thrived within the Roman Empire. What we should pay closer attention to is when Rome decided to burn holy writings that they did not approve of. Unfortunately, we don’t have many of them left. The closest we might get are scattered pieces such as the Maya Popol Vuh Codex, where the Maya describe having to flee west to what eventually became Mexico, after their original home sunk into the ocean. Suppose that the Maya could have been descendants of the people of Atlantis. Would that be enough reason for Rome to want to wipe them and their culture out of history? There are many who point to the similarity between the words Atlantis and Aztlan, and why wouldn’t Atlantis be found in the Atlantic Ocean?

That’s all speculation, but I will leave you with this. A lot of ancient cultures have prophecies of their gods returning to fix things and to impart new knowledge to their faithful devotees. Wouldn’t it be interesting if this savior comes not from the skies, but from some tomb buried deep beneath the earth, much like the Biblical Fallen Angels are kept locked up in a Bottomless Pit? Wouldn’t it be interesting if the god’s name was none over than Hermes Trismegistus, or Thoth the Atlantean?


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