Subtle Infinity: Race, Ultraviolet Souls And Visible Light Bodies

I don’t agree with SI’s viewpoint regarding the white race vs the brown races. Rockefeller science would have us think that races were random accidents, but I think things are a little deeper than that. One of these days I’ll get around to looking up Blavatsky’s ideas on the seven races of men that came from Atlantis, allegedly.


From the Youtube description: What’s the relationship between The Human Experience, The Soul, and the Material Realm?
What is the intent within the New Age, Disclosure and Alien Agenda?
Why is racism at the forefront of Human Relations?
What’s the difference between Synthetic Evolution and Natural Vibration?
Why does Synthetic Evolution exist?
What are the differences between The Separation Program and Duality?

Title: The Ultraviolet Soul & Visible Lightbody | Flat Earth | The Mandela Effect | Transhumanism | CERN (YT link) Uploaded by Subtle Infinity.

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