Planet X: Will Putin And Trump Disclose The Truth About Nibiru?

My opinion is that I don’t think they will, at least not in a general way. Russia will tell its military, and that branch of government will probably make it underground. (Note how the 40 million people drill was a military emergency response operation.) The rest of us will have to fight it out on the surface. We chose a great time to be alive, didn’t we?

By the way, producer Scott mentions Gil Broussard a lot. I don’t like Broussard’s idea that Nibiru comes by every 360 years, because I haven’t seen any evidence to corroborate that. I will go and hunt down the latest from Gerald Clark, though, because he can see past the Christian paradigm and gets what the Annunaki were all about. I’ll post some of Clark’s videos tomorrow.


Title: NIBIRU 🌎 PLANET X 🔴 TRUMP & PUTIN possibly threaten to reveal the events of Planet X (YT link) Uploaded by Nibiru Planet X 2016.


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