Tim Alberino, David Carrico: Underground Secrets Of The Gods

Most of Alberino’s interviews are very compelling, and this one is no exception. There are a lot of esoteric topics covered here.


From the Youtube description: NYSTV w/ David Carrico interviews Timothy Alberino about the hit documentary “The Unholy See” from Gen6 Productions. Things are hidden. Join us as we search for answers.

Title: Gates of the gods- Underground Secrets w/ Timothy Alberino & David Carrico (YT link) Uploaded by Now Your See TV.

Tim Alberino, David Carrico: Underground Secrets Of The Gods – (2016) 5 stars

Run time: 2 hours, 24 minutes. This Christian round table didn’t start off so good, but it did gain a lot of momentum as it went along. Every ten minutes, Alberino would start up a story and move it along to the meaty part, when all of a sudden he’d cut it off and leave the ending up in the air. He did this for pretty much the entire first hour. Part of this was because the story was personal to him, but he was also being vague so people would purchase his new documentary. I do have a big problem with researchers teasing the audience about what they found, because it infers a bigger priority for sales than it does for expanding knowledge into esoteric subjetcs.

To be fair, Alberino does drop a lot of good information in the second hour. A lot of it cannot be verified, as it comes from third person accounts, rumor and speculation, but when Alberino says Tom Horn can corroborate it, I can also point to a number of other sources that lead in the same direction, including archeologists and mythologists who don’t accept the official narrative. Among the juicy morsels are the idea that all ancient megalithic sites are still mostly hidden underground, the battle between rival factions in the Vatican, the idea that modern Giants have been killed by military from other nations, the truth about the Jesuit Order and the idea that Hildabeast’s running mate is a pro-Jesuit politician. All of those statements and more are both fascinating and / or frightening to consider. If you’re into exposing Vatican secrets, this is a great conversation to give a listen to.


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