Mandela Effect: Marylin Monroe Is Skinny In This Reality

Here is where I’m at with this one, peeps. About three years ago, I looked up Monroe’s dress size for a fiction project. She was a size 16. I also looked up pictures of her in her younger days as Norma Jean so I could describe her in my story. The only pictures I recall of young NJ are the ones where she’s got a red and white striped shirt and white suspenders. Many of those pictures are new to me, but of course I can’t remember every single one. Many of the pics of her as Marylin show a face that is way too skinny for my reality.

“She’s not red carpet material like we are.” Mindy reasoned.

“Says you. She’s only a size sixteen. Marilyn Monroe was a size sixteen. Just look at those tits!”

(From an erotica novel I published in July of 2015, which I wrote probably in late 2014.)

There was one iconic picture of Rita Hayworth, I believe, sitting next to Monroe at a dinner party and staring at Monroe’s D-cup breasts. I looked up actresses such as Hayworth, Hepburn and Seymour, the ones I could think of offhand, but I could not find that iconic picture. If you guys remember who the jealous actress was, leave a comment. Monroe’s breasts look like B cups in some of these new reality images.

Norma Jean Baker on Yahoo Images

Marylin Monroe on Yahoo Images

Son of a bitch! Even my optical illusion picture changed! I just put that up on October 6th!

Optical Illusion: Is This Albert Or Marilyn?


Title: Mandela Effect (Marilyn Monroe Was Skinny In This Reality!!!) Please Vote #57 (YT link) Uploaded by Money Bags 73.


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