Mandela Effect: Marylin Monroe Is Skinny In This Reality

Here is where I’m at with this one, peeps. About three years ago, I looked up Monroe’s dress size for a fiction project. She was a size 16. I also looked up pictures of her in her younger days as Norma Jean so I could describe her in my story. The only pictures I recall of young NJ are the ones where she’s got a red and white striped shirt and white suspenders. Many of those pictures are new to me, but of course I can’t remember every single one. Many of the pics of her as Marylin show a face that is way too skinny for my reality.

“She’s not red carpet material like we are.” Mindy reasoned.

“Says you. She’s only a size sixteen. Marilyn Monroe was a size sixteen. Just look at those tits!”

(From an erotica novel I published in July of 2015, which I wrote probably in late 2014.)

There was one iconic picture of Rita Hayworth, I believe, sitting next to Monroe at a dinner party and staring at Monroe’s D-cup breasts. I looked up actresses such as Hayworth, Hepburn and Seymour, the ones I could think of offhand, but I could not find that iconic picture. If you guys remember who the jealous actress was, leave a comment. Monroe’s breasts look like B cups in some of these new reality images.

Norma Jean Baker on Yahoo Images

Marylin Monroe on Yahoo Images

Son of a bitch! Even my optical illusion picture changed! I just put that up on October 6th!

Optical Illusion: Is This Albert Or Marilyn?


Title: Mandela Effect (Marilyn Monroe Was Skinny In This Reality!!!) Please Vote #57 (YT link) Uploaded by Money Bags 73.


4 comments on “Mandela Effect: Marylin Monroe Is Skinny In This Reality

  1. I would not consider her skinny. The system of measurement changed drastically in the 1980’s due to the United States Department of Commerce. After this change, all measurements from the 1950’s became incomparable by reference. So while Marilyn Monroe’s measurements may have ranged from a 12-16 (her weight fluctuated frequently, much to her filming dressmakers dismay) back in the 50’s, she was actually a size 6-8 by today’s standards.

    • Sorry, but the Dept. of Commerce really wasn’t in my mind when I saw pictures, portraits, movies and other Monroe memorabilia from the time I was in my early teens until my early forties. I understand that she had drama and issues, but in my reality Monroe was always depicted in one narrow weight range. She was NEVER the size of Deborah Harry, and she NEVER had such a small face. The iconic scene where she has her skirt blown up by an air gust shows Monroe with a different figure.

      In my perspective, she has become a skinny white chick, and I never considered her that before. You’ll have to trust that I have liked thicker women all my life, so I know what I’m talking about. My ex-wife was busty and thick, and I had (3 or 4) postcards of Marilyn that I would compare my ex to. Their figures were a close match.

      Update: My ex also dyed her hair blonde, by the way.

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