Mandela Effect: Residual Earth Map And List Of Dead Celebrities

This guy isn’t as polished as some of the other ME channels, but I do recommend giving this video a good listen. The first 5 minutes or so aren’t that great. The video really starts rolling along after that, when MM shows good images of yet another different Earth map. What the hell is that below India?

The second part of this video deals with celebrities that have come back from the grave. MM counts 32 of them. This is the best list on that subject I have heard so far. MM has some excellent insight into how and when a lot of these figures originally passed away. A couple of new ones for me include Brian Dennehy and Ed Asner, both of whom are still alive in this reality.

Above: Globe map from Dazed And Confused movie (1993), compared to a potential map of Lemuria. Note the ‘new’ large island to the west of Australia.


From the Youtube description: 32 Dead Celebrities Resurrected. A comprehensive list, and the coincidental pattern between them. Also, the original map of North and South America found in a 1949 Soviet Union propaganda cartoon film.
Gene Wilder
Louis Anderson
Annette Funicello
Catherine Coulson (The Log Lady)
Nelson Mandela
Jim Nabors
Billy Graham
Brian Dennehy
Dom DeLuise
Fats Domino
Whitey Bulger
Chuck Barris
Fidel Castro
Muhammed Ali
Dick Cavette
Carol Channing
Nichelle Nichols (Lieutenant O’Hura)
Neill Armstrong
Max Von Sydow
Shirley Temple
Bob Keeshan (Captain Kangaroo)
Peter Fonda
Dick Clark
Ann B. Davis (Alice/The Brady Bunch)
Dick Van Patten
Karen Carpenter
Kirk Douglas
Mickey Rooney
Wilford Brimley
Harry R. Crumb (Cartoonist)
Unsure: Gary Coleman and Ed Asner

Title: Mandela Effect-Comprehensive List of Dead Celebs Back Alive + Original Americas Map (YT link) Uploaded by Mandela Man.


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