United States: Hildabeast Campaign Bus Dumps Shit On Public Road

This is in Georgia, I believe. You see how Hildabeast Karma is working out, don’t you? Everybody knows what is happening, yet the mainstream media is still sucking up to this bitch. Get mad, people, at the Jews who control the news you watch. Thanks, Jews!


From the Youtube description: Earlier today, the Democratic National Committee had to apologize for a #ForwardTogether bus dumping human waste into a storm sewer during a stop in Gwinnett County, Georgia.

A local businessman noticed the action and took photos that were then sent to media outlets. CBS-46 reported on it, treating it as a breaking story and providing numerous updates.

Title: Clinton Campaign Bus Caught Dumping Human Waste In Georgia, HAZMAT Team Called In (YT link) Uploaded by Johnny Boy.

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