Ancient History: Rober Sepehr – Introduction Into Hidden History

From the Youtube description: Ancient history, archeology, genetics, astrotheology and mythology with Robert Sepehr…

Title: Atlantean Gardens Stream (YT link) Uploaded by Atlantean Gardens.

Robert Sepehr: Introduction Into Hidden History – (2016) 5 stars

Run time: 3 hours, 34 minutes. Sepehr put together a number of shorter posts here to produce this long documentary. I am very excited to see that Sepehr is taking up the worthy but risky cause that people like Cremo, Hancock, Von Daniken and others have taken before him, which is to bring to the public eye forbidden archeology and hidden history. Not only that, but Sepehr is well-versed in New World Order shenanigans and esoteric practices, and can shed light on history in a way that previous researchers could not. Nearly everything presented here in this documentary is controversial, from mythology to the building of megaliths to occult ritual to the idea of a powerful race of Aryans that once dominated the entire world. The presentation will throw a lot of different cultures and bizarre ideas at you, but because these were originally shorter clips, you can leave off most anywhere and come back to watch the rest of the video later.

Sepehr is from the new and welcome generation of researchers, including physicists, mythologists, philosophers and archeologists like him, who are willing to bypass what modern academia insists is the official history of humanity, and can see things from a non-compartmentalized and critical perspective. I really hope that Sepehr and others like him make a strong impact, strong enough to shake the false foundations we have been given, so we can all see what has been hidden from our collective pool of knowledge, so that we can come to terms with it, and so that we can start moving forward again as a global community.


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