Penny Bradley: MK Ultra, The Secret Space Program And More

From the Youtube description: Jay Campbell and Rex Bear host this podcast with a DOT insider for this week, Penny Bradley.

Title: DOT11: MK Ultra Secrets with guest Penny Bradley (YT link) Uploaded by Gerald Clark.

Penny Bradley: MK Ultra, Secret Space Program And More – (2016) 5 stars

Run time: 2 hours, 3 minutes. A lot of ground is covered here in this Round Table from Decoders Of Truth Podcast. I mean a lot of ground! The discussion jumps around from MK Ultra mind control programming to the Secret Space Program to alien races to colonies on Mars to the idea that Germany with its advanced technology actually won World War II. A lot of this stuff is going to sound crazy to you, but Bradley hits on a lot of Truth nuggets as well. I’m not saying I believe all of it, but in a lot of cases her replies match very closely what I’ve come to believe to be true. Briefly, let me touch on some of the topics:

MK Ultra – Yes, I think all of the information presented is accurate. From the isolation at a young age to the various handlers and their techniques.

Space Program, aliens, Mars colonies – I can’t vouch for the veracity of all these claims. They are just too difficult to confirm, as there are a lot of conflicting stories and outright shills muddying up the waters. I will say that Bradley’s details match that of other people who claim to have been taken to Mars for a time, including dealing with ET races, stargates and physical age regression. Some of the claims sound too incredible for me to believe.

Victorious Germans – I think this may be correct. Whatever happened during Operation Highjump sent Admiral Byrd running away from Antarctica with his tail between his legs. And then all of a sudden we start seeing flying saucers everywhere in the late 1940s, and the big sighting over the White House in 1953, when Eisenhower allegedly made a deal with aliens. You don’t need more corroboration than the corruption of the Bush family and the rise of the CIA, NASA and other clandestine groups who were created by Nazis after Operation Paperclip.

Archons – This topic is not discussed until nearly the end of the show, but I have a huge synchronicity going on with this. My idea is that Archons are part of the package when a soul comes into this world. In other words, when we sign the contract to incarnate on Earth, one of the stipulations is that Archons are part of the big picture. They will be around us, all of us, from start to finish. This is exactly what Bradley validates for me, especially when Bradley says that Archons set things up for their own agendas and do things that prevent people from moving forward in spiritual ways. Based on my research and on my personal experience, I think this is correct. Archons are the hard questions on the big test, which we have to overcome and outthink to find our subjective correct answer. So younger souls might only have simple Archons around them, while advanced souls get the tough ones. Again, Bradley verifies that for me when she says that ‘brighter lights’ have more Archons coming at them than the tractable Sheep do. It is all part of the Game / structure of the Hologram Universe.


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