Byron Belitsos: An Introduction To The Urantia Book

From the Youtube description: Author Byron Belitsos, Thursday’s guest for two hours, discussed the legendary “Urantia Book”, a 2000-page tome first published in 1955, which many consider an epochal revelation to our planet for science, religion, and history. “It’s a gift to humanity,” said Belitsos, explaining that one of the book’s chief purposes is to find a way to harmonize religious beliefs into a “unity of spirit and feeling.”

Title: The Legendary Urantia Book 2015 (YT link) Uploaded by High Strangeness.

Byron Belitzas: An Introduction To The Urantia Book – (2015) 4 stars

Run time: 2 hours, 4 minutes. The interview was schedule to be conducted by Jim Vieira of Late Night in the Midlands Radio. I’m kind of glad he passed it off to co-host Ira, because Vieira has a tendency to wander off the subject and crack untimely jokes. Going into this, I did not know really anything about the Urantia Book. I’m glad the co-host was well versed in the material and had a lot to share, while Vieira probably would not have.

There was a lot going of spirituality on in the Western world between 1900 and 1940 or so. We had the rise of metaphysical figures such as Cayce, Crowley, a lot of action going on in Theosophical Mystery Schools, new off-shoots of Christianity expanding such as the Jehovah’s Witnesses, and occult factions of channelers such as those from the Thule and Vril Societies. We had a lot of spiritualism and magic in pop culture as well. Throw the Urantia Book into that big mix.

I don’t think this book was made up, in the way that the cults of Mormonism and Islam were created by a single individual who allegedly got a direct visitation from angels, and I don’t think the book was mashed together from what was available at the time, like what Constantine did during the invention of Christianity.

Here is my speculation: A group of souls is about to incarnate. Before they come into the flesh, they decide that they want to create some novelty or revolutionize what is already found on Earth. In the case of the Urantia Book, the idea was to create a spin-off of Christianity that was several steps past what Christianity normally consists of. In my experience, the Higher Self or Soul Groups have interacted very closely with my physical self, when I acknowledge them and pay attention to what they are showing me. That is a key point for me, by the way.

So, the Soul Group incarnates into physical people or avatars, while at the same time they are always observing behind the scenes. The souls direct the humans into a situation where the novel religion will have a potential to be created. The Soul Group didn’t want to invent a new religion from scratch, so they used some known concepts, added details which were largely trivial, and expounded greatly on spiritual matters. The names of angels and locations and other planets are immaterial. This is why many of the names sound contrived or borrowed from existing sources. A picture of the universe and heaven is painted, but again this is largely immaterial because the humans are told their saviors are far away while their salvation is up to them.

The known concepts include the ideas of a multi-verse, of Higher Selves, of the Akashic Records, of the Divine Feminine and of reincarnation for the purpose of Ascension, primarily. There are some Buddhist, Gnostic and Hindu traces seen in this new religion, all tied into a Christian perspective that includes the hierarchy of angels and the savior Messiah figure of Jesus. We have god becoming fractals in order to gain wisdom and experience, we have the Lucifer Rebellion that was global and put the Earth into a bad spin, and we have Satan as a general or lieutenant of Lucifer causing havoc on ground level. It sounds contrived, and in a way it is, but this religion was not put together by humans. Instead, the beings that put this smorgasbord together are the Higher Selves / Soul Group who channeled the details into the mind of their human avatars.

How do I know this? Well, how much time do you have for me to explain it to you? Experience is subjective, and it has to be, otherwise what is the point of individuality? In my personal experience, I have seen how my Higher Self and other spiritual entities interact with me. I see what they do, how they act, what their sense of humor is like and how they put me into good or bad situations. I can test them to a point, and get answers to a point, but they won’t tell me everything because that would be like winning the Game by cheating. This is exactly what I see in the Urantia Book. There are answers hidden in there, and there is also disinformation to keep a person wondering about the characters, places and events described. This is not meant to be the final answer to All; nothing on this Earth will satisfy everybody living on this planet.

This is why The Powers That Be have such a difficult time in consolidating governments, religions and financial networks. Everybody sees the world with their own eyes and their subjective perspective, so trying to herd 7 billion people into one small corral is never going to work. I believe that we choose our era of birth, our birth date, our parents and some of the major influences in our lives. Also, our lives are affected by our Free Will choices and the Free Will choices of those around us. The Urantia Book is not for everyone, and it shouldn’t be. It is designed, in my estimation, for people that have in past lives tried some of the other religions I mentioned before, and who want to stay in a semi-comfortable religious area while advancing forward a cautious step or two in their present incarnation. Heaven and hell and all else in the afterlife don’t matter, because the afterlife is not the point of incarnation. The point of incarnation is what you do in the here and now. This is why people will never have a clear view of the afterlife, and why they are born with the fog of memory. Only the cheaters want the answers to the test ahead of time, because they are too lazy to study for themselves. Like Belitzas mentioned in the interview, by experiencing we are teaching our Higher Selves what it is like to be human and alive.


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