Planet X: Is This Image Proof Of A Simulator Around Sol?

Because the Nasholes have never told us the Truth, the community at large has been trying to figure this out for the masses. It is clear that a lot of deception is being used against us. First off, Chemtrails can be used for holographic projection / Project Blue Beam. Also, weather control technology and / or the strangely fluctuating sun and / or Planet X are creating Sol anomalies that have not been scientifically studied before, including intense radiation and Solar Minimums which may lead us into a new Ice Age.

Knowing that we are being lied to, some of us have taken it upon ourselves to do some research of our own. What is up with the sun? We know there are patents for artificial suns and sun simulators. We have seen pictures of hexagon suns, fractal suns around Sol, strange reflective petals around Sol and evidence of a giant sun shield in front of Sol causing strange light distortions. Here is the new one: a giant Fresnell lens such as those found in lighthouses. Is this possible? Well, how many times have you heard of NASA taking up Top Secret cargo into space? How about all the time?

So far, we only have this one picture of this new anomaly. Decide for yourself if this is legit or not. All I can tell you is that NASA constantly blurs or scrubs images from space, before letting loose the all of their Masonic Gatekeepers to curb the flow of knowledge into something they can control. Whether you put faith in this one image or not, YOU HAVE ALWAYS BEEN LIED TO.

Update: This reminds me of the trilogy of books A Time Odyssey by Arthur C. Clarke. Clarke is the guy who wrote 2001: A Space Odyssey and who first theorized on the later invention of satellites. Well, in his trilogy, Clarke writes about a threat from space coming toward Earth. All of Earth’s governments get together to create a giant shield in space to deflect the threat. The author outlines how to construct the shield and what materials were used to create the parts. That sounds a lot like what is being speculated on now, doesn’t it? (Wiki article on A Time Odyssey)


Title: POSITIVE EVIDENCE OF A SUN SIMULATOR ☀ (YT link) Uploaded by Nibiru Planet X 2016.


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