Ancient Sumeria: Anunnaki Ruins At Eridu, Ur, Uruk And Nippur

This is cool because I’ve been learning a lot about Sumerian and Anunnaki lore through some recent videos I watched featuring Gerald Clark. Search for some related keywords to find them.

Unfortunately, there isn’t anything but dirt mounds at Eridu. This is because modern academia is scared to go and do a proper excavation of the site. In the Bible, Ur is the birthplace of Abraham and Uruk is the same as Erech, but that is only because early Hebrews took the oldest mythologies they could find and plagiarized them to give their religion credibility. A lot of cultures were doing the same thing back then because this gave their followers the divine right to rule. It makes it a lot easier to genocide your enemies if you can trick people into thinking it is god’s will.


From the Youtube description: ERIDU, UR, URUK, NIPPUR. Sumerian civilisation in Mesopotamia. I reupload this video, in old video was blocked music.
Mesopotamian Cylinder Seals 2500 B.C. – 900 B.C.…
Read the book of Leonard Woolley – Forgotten Kingdom (Ur of the Chaldeans on Russ)
About traces of flood in El Ubaid, about excavations in Ur. Very impressive book, giving invaluable knowledge about the Sumerian civilisation, and Mesopotamian Ubaid civilization (before Sumerians)

Title: Eridu, Ur, Uruk, Nippur (YT link) Uploaded by Vlad 9vt.

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