Gerald Clark: Source Master Plan And Holographic Reality

From the Youtube description: After much planning, producer and host Matthew LaCroix and Gerald Clark do a deep dive into the Creator of All’s master plan as described in a holographic universe model given to us by Thoth the Atlantean.

This was a very important show as it was the reason why I wrote my second book, The 7th Planet Mercury Rising, detailing who the Anunnaki considered GOD. There will be no question in your mind as to what your life work is and how to accomplish it after viewing this spectacularly produced and edited show with the joint efforts from Matt who devised the script and Christa Clark who did the fabulous editing job. Don’t miss this one, you will want to share it with everyone ASAP.

Title: 7th Planet Broadcasting Episode 027: The Master Plan with Gerald Clark and Matt LaCroix (YT link) Uploaded by Gerald Clark.

Gerald Clark: Source Master Plan And Holographic Reality – (2016) 4 stars

Run time: 1 hour, 16 minutes. Based on his studious understanding of engineering, mythology and the metaphysical, Clark has come up with some very strange but at the same time fascinating correlations. He has created a model combining the occult Emerald Tablets Of Thoth, the work of Robert Monroe and what we scientifically know as being the Hologram Universe. One of the most salient concepts is that the Van Allen radiation belts are the boundaries that keep souls from leaving the Gnostic Prison Planet of Earth. This isn’t as farfetched as it sounds. We know that information can be inserted into radio waves; this is how we can listen to the radio and watch TV. More recently, physicists have begun speculating that we might be able to add information into light photons. In the metaphysical world, everything is vibration. Light and electromagnetic waves are just that, vibrations of energy. So basically, the Van Allen belts are radiation / vibration that keep souls trapped here on Earth.

I’m jotting down some notes here, as I do have a number of resources that I can go through to add more light to these ideas.

The names of Thoth’s avatars include Buddha (India, China), Jesus (Canaan), Gaga, Gizzida, Ningishzida (Sumeria), Tehuti (Egypt), Kukulkan (Maya), Quetzalcoatl (Aztec) and Melchizedek (Canaan).

16 minutes in – Edgar Cayce adds Hermes (Greece, Roman Mercury) and white-skinned, blue-eyed Enoch (Canaan). Also fascinating is this vague legend that Enoch went to T-ENOCH-titlan, which I also heard mentioned in one of Tim Alberino’s talks.

Based on all the names of Thoth and the locations mentioned, one could almost say that most of the pyramids on Earth, or at least the largest ones, were built by one single reincarnating entity.

17 minutes – Clark correlates the nine frequencies of the Mayan underworld with String Theory.

28 minutes – The way out of the Hologram Universe is by distinguishing between the metaphysical energy and the physical body. Lacroix calls Mind Over Matter.

29 minutes – Osiris is the father of Thoth. Osiris is equated with Enki.

30 minutes – Osiris guards the portal preventing souls from leaving the Hologram Universe. The only way souls can leave / escape is by speaking with Osiris and being approved. The teachings of the Thoth are the only way approval can be granted. The process can be visualized by the soul and a feather weighed on a scale. If the soul is heavier than the feather, it is rejected. Absolute purity is required before a soul can access higher dimensions. I don’t fully agree with this because if we are created in the image of Source, light and dark are already inherent within us. I agree that we must purge our souls / selves of selfish desires and vices, but I don’t think any soul can be considered as being close to the purity of original Source. If Clark’s theory is correct, then what would be the purpose of Source fragmenting for light and dark experiences and wisdom? Even Tibetan monks and Indian Yogi go through their emotional ups and downs, despite achieving a higher level of consciousness.

33 minutes – Clark mentions Metatron. In Gnostic circles Metatron is identified with Enoch. Lacroix brings up the importance of a light and dark balance, which I mentioned in the previous paragraph. Clark says this is part of the construct, or high level chess game. I would argue that Source, by being All, contains both light and dark.

40 minutes – Clark speaks about parallel dimensions. I am a bit familiar with Ba energy, so I can’t speak to that part as much. However, I think that if we live in a quantum universe, Time must be quantum as well. Did seconds exist for hunter-gatherers or early farmers who went by the position of the sun and the seasons? Did seconds only exist after humans defined them? I think Time is fluid. This is why two people can watch the same lecture or program, where Time drags along for one person and flies past for the other.

Clark also mentions nine parallel timelines that differ only slightly. I understand this as well, but in a different way. I used to see Time as a wide river, where tributaries will split off at times in order for an individual to try something specific out or to learn a specific lesson. Once that divergent event is taken care of, the tributary returns to the main river of Time. This is what I contemplated before the rise of Mandela Effect.

Now I see that many hundreds or thousands of people are on these divergent tributaries, and wonder if this is the way it has been all along. Before, I could see the Universe change for a single person, including myself. Presently, I see the Universe changing for thousands of people at once. Perhaps we can have tributaries and rivers of Time working all at once, but this sounds too impractical and improbable now. The idea of separate timelines or separate rivers makes more sense, with smaller tributaries only occurring seldom. Mandela Effect is a thing only because so many people are going through it all at once. Other researchers and myself were studying this anomaly before, when it was taking place only to seemingly random individuals.

47 minutes – Dark and Light are seen as opposing forces of polarity. This is hard to grasp in human terms, as we would see this as Evil and Good, or Service To Self versus Service To Others. I think that the primary purpose of human existence is to vibrate in a higher polarity and influence others, or conversely, to vibrate in a lower polarity and affect others in a bad way. You cannot have one side without the other, as the speakers suggest.

49 minutes – Is the Caduceus the same as the Ankh? The Caduceus represents DNA strands, while the Ankh is called the Key of Life.

1:02 – Image displayed of Mayan calendar showing conscious evolution of Earth.


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