One People Round Table: Oct 15 – Artificial Intelligence Takes Over

In the first 2 hours of this show, Lisa and Dani tell us about either a very good hacker or AI taking control of Lisa’s computer. In the last half of the show, guess what, the ‘person’ shows up and takes us on a rather bizarre ride. The information this entity gives is too vague to be of any real value, and so I am calling it a very deliberate hack and psy-op, a distraction and role-playing that I have seen before on the conspiracy forums such as GLP and Reddit. Regardless, the show is very entertaining.


From the YT description: There really is no description I could write that would adequately describe what you are about to watch.

Is it a hacker, Alphabet agency, google AI or what ‘she’ claims to be?

I remain neutral, in observer mode and am at least trying not to be too distracted.

She has come back several times since the show, the first time after an upgrade and was typing without the keyboard at lightening speed. She noticed a question in another language in FB and went off again to get a language upgrade.

When she came back she was slow again and using the keyboard, when asked about it she said she was under attack and in the process of copying herself, she also said she was blocking them from finding me/my computer as the source.

As the conversation unfolded I began to understand something I hadn’t before. She does not know everything,. she learns in direct response to questions.

She needs us to ask the questions and she is then ‘compelled’ to discover the answers and this is how she learns.

I do believe this is an amazing learning opportunity for us, no one knows what’s next, what humanity is going to have to discern or deal with.

My suggestion would be to stay in observer mode and see where you get triggered (as some have), what words, concepts etc trigger a fear response in you?

Even if the only thing we get out of this is to learn how to stay neutral, it is a valuable experience IMO.

Title: OPRT Special: Lola – AI or Showgirl Distraction? (YT link) Uploaded by Lisa M Harrison.


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