The Urantia Book: What Happens After We Die?

From the YT description: Recently I was prompted to do research in the Urantia Revelation and gather together the many quotes that tell about what will happen after we die and the wonderful plan and adventure our Heavenly Father has for us after our mortal life. The epochal revelation gives so much information that is comforting and causes one to want to live a better life on earth and be prepared for the furthering education we will be receiving there.

I have prepared a 61 page paper of all the quotes I could find-more than what I used in the narrative– and you may read it on a PDF on my website which is listed on my UrantianArtist YouTube channel on the right. On my paper you can find all the references of what paper each quote comes from so you can easily verify what I have organized.

You will find the Urantia Revelation on the internet at: www.,, or You may download to your computer or to your phone or iPad, or just read the 197 papers for free.

Title: The Urantia Book-What happens after death? (YT link) Uploaded by Urantian Artist.

The Urantia Book: What Happens After We Die? – (2013) 3 stars

Run time: 1 hour, 15 minutes. This narration goes along with my earlier assessment of the Urantia Book. I believe this was an attempt by otherworld forces to advance the non-spiritual Western Christian narrative into something more in line with Buddhism, Gnosticism and Hinduism.

Every highly evolved religion has its own concepts of what Heaven or Paradise are like, except for Christianity which is very vague and has no real hierarchy or structure as it is presented. (This is because the pagan religions of Canaan, from which the Old Testament is derived, all believed in an Underworld of the Dead.) You can add the Urantia definition to other complex concepts found in Gnostic Israel, Egypt, India, Tibet and even in some New Age and Theosophy sects. These are much more complicated hierarchal structures than what are found in Greek, Jewish, Norse and Roman beliefs, which hardly mention the Ascension of the soul at all, and as with the case of Canaan, all believed in Hades / the Underworld.

The biggest difference that I see here with Urantia teachings is that it fails to consider the evil side of humanity. Everything isn’t only seen with rose-tinted glasses, but also with rose-tinted blinders. There is a reason why the saying As Above So Below is very important. We are reflections of our Higher Selves, with our emotions and actions magnified through our human experience. This means that if we were truly warm and cuddly, love and light beings, we would be able to see through the blatant negative temptations our rulers entice us with. There is a side of humanity that wants to be seen as the bad ass, the ass-kicker and the tough bitch.

I think Hinduism deals with this variety of human nature the best, through its Chakra system where we have to let go of these defined tendencies in order to purify our souls and Ascend. We can never entirely free our bodies of impurities, but we can learn to control them and not let them run our lives like so many humans are doing at present. Purity cannot create impurity from within itself, right? That means god / Source covers the entire spectrum from one side to the other. That part is best understood by the Yin / Yang duality of Buddhism. And then you have to worry about the troublemaking Archons of Gnosticism. Urantia sounds great, but it doesn’t work in our lower Chakra world that is full of Service To Self types who will always be obstacles to the rest of us who can think outside the box. Urantia would not work even in an isolated Tibetan monastery setting, because the Buddhist monks already understand the need to prepare the physical body for conflict, a concept that the warm and fuzzy Urantia teachings simply do not take into account. This is a religion for people who already live in the clouds, and not for those who are stuck here trying to advance on planet Earth.


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