Wayne Steiger: How Russia Will Destroy The US In World War III

It is a candid look. Can you handle it? Highly recommended talk for any survivalists out there.


From the YT description: On every side all it seems to be is just more of the same insanity from all directions and now we learn of a possible scenario of how they plan on attacking America and turn into Amerika. Sadly it does seem that there is a real threat so much so the War College ran all these what if scenarios and America lost every time. There is no good party here both have contributed to this mess both are equal in sharing the blame so the finger of guilt is pointed at them all. We should ask for our many back.

Since this is the case we should know what the experts say America cannot win if any of these happen, the players we know and they know us better then we do ourselves, so I thought to be fair I take what the good people over at Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show put together and present it to all of us, make sure to visit Dave’s website and tune to their show good stuff.

No matter what the winds may be foretelling there is a power above all others that can counter act against the foreboding moans of the future and it just requires a simple smile to get it activated once it does there is a river of energy waiting, so try it smile at someone see what happens. Be kind to one another.

Title: Are We On The Eve Of Destruction (YT link) Uploaded by R Wayne Steiger.

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